Understanding common IRS collection letters

image of IRS letter with heading "You have unpaid taxes for 2015 - Amount due: $1,922.39"

Most war tax resisters who refuse federal income taxes will eventually (or quickly) get a letter from the IRS. Here I describe some of the most common letters one tax-return-filing resister has gotten over the past few years. Resisters who do not file tax returns may get letters more slowly or not at all, until or unless the IRS system determines that a return has not been filed and issues the appropriate paperwork. (Do you want to write about IRS letters you’ve gotten as a non-filer? Write us a blog post! E-mail wartaxresister at nwtrcc dot org.) And you personally may receive all, some, or none of these letters. For more about the collection process and how it affects war […]

Fits and Starts with WTR Organizing

Sticky Questions

Here in New York City there are a lot of war tax resisters and people who support war tax resistance. It should be a big, active community, but over the years and from experience, we’ve found it exceedingly hard to get people together. There are about 125 people on the email list for NYC resisters. Some have moved out of the city by now, but a lot of those 125 are still here. A couple years ago an informal support session attracted the host and the two of us long-timers who initiate most of the workshops or meetings in NYC. There gets to be a point when you think it’s more detrimental to try to have a meeting if only […]

Expanding war and nuclear programs

The group blocking the side door kept up a steady chant of “Shadows and Ashes, Never Again; Nuclear Weapons, Disarm Now.”

During the arrests supporters chanted, “Arrest those who wage war, not those who wage peace.” Photo by Bud Korotzer/Desertpeace.

Foreign Policy just released another episode of its Editor’s Roundtable podcast, called “What does the expanding definition of war mean for the US military?” The panelists discuss Rosa Brooks’ new book, How Everything Became War and the Military Became Everything, as well as the general idea of the expansion of war into economic intervention and other arenas. The podcast’s a little dry, but has many interesting moments! FP CEO and editor David Rothkopf says, But the military has a privileged position in the public policy debate. And one of the consequences of the privileged position that the military has, and really has had since the Reagan era, is that the military is about the only part of the government that […]

Mutual aid and war tax resistance

War Tax Resisters Penalty Fund brochure cover with a row of rifles turning into flowers, and the first paragraph: ""The fund provides a process of mutual support through which war tax resisters and their supporters can distribute financial assistance to war tax resisters whose taxes are collected and for whom the collection of penalties and interest is a burden..."

One of the ways war tax resisters support each other is through the War Tax Resisters Penalty Fund (WTRPF). This fund was founded in 1982 by the North Manchester, Indiana chapter of the Fellowship of Reconciliation, and later became a separate organization. Its purpose is to provide mutual aid for war tax resisters who have been collected on by the IRS. WTRPF also makes war tax resistance possible for more people: [The founders] found that IRS interest and penalties kept many people from continuing their war tax resistance, and prevented many more from even considering such a witness. The founders decided to invite sympathetic people to form a broad base that would help sustain and suppport war tax resisters. They […]

Podcast #5: War Tax Resisters Abroad


In Episode Number 5, we hear from two war tax resisters who have recently traveled overseas to work with other war resisters and learn more about the real impacts of US warmongering. Jason Rawn has traveled to Asia twice in the past year, visiting Okinawa in Japan and Jeju Island in Korea to organize with local resisters against US military bases. We’ll cover some of the history around Okinawa and Jeju Island, and interview Jason Rawn about his experiences. Dana Visalli had planned a trip to Syria, but the Syrian government denied his visa. Instead, he spent time in Lebanon with Syrian refugees, and also learned about the history and creation of the nation we call Syria. He reads two […]

Resisting in Dreamland

Help the Homeless

Home ownership might seem like a mundane topic while confronted with the latest news headlines, but most of us in war tax resistance see life choices as inextricably linked to global issues, so let’s see where this goes. I saw the movie The Big Short a while ago. I totally don’t understand what those guys where buying and selling or how you can make money off debt, but clearly it worked for some and didn’t for others. Mostly what it made me think about, and what the whole housing crisis of a few years ago made me think about, is this drive to want to own a home. It’s so linked to the American Dream that people don’t always think […]

Job opening at NWTRCC; new books by war tax resisters

activists holding a black umbrella with a peace sign on it, a blue sign with red letters saying "Honk for peace," and a banner reading "Don't like war? Then don't pay for it! Your taxes arm the world"

First and foremost, we have just listed our new Field Organizer/Outreach Consultant position on Idealist, New York Craigslist, and our website! We’re looking to build more power among our network affiliates and individual WTRs around the country. This is a temporary position with flexible hours. See the listings for details and application procedures. War tax resister Clare Hanrahan has recently released her memoir, The Half-Life of a Free Radical: Growing Up Irish Catholic in Jim Crow Memphis. On her website, she mentions when her family was counted for the 1960 Census: In the photo Mama is seated, pen in hand, filling out the form. Daddy stands behind her with his ever-present Roi Tan cigar in the hand that rests on […]

Presidential candidates against war taxes?

image of a skeleton on a park bench with words "waiting for an anti-war candidate"

Note that this blog post, like all of our blog posts, are the opinion of the author and don’t represent any official NWTRCC position. Short answer: There aren’t any presidential candidates against war taxes. As we all know, success in national major-party politics requires a commitment to a certain kind of discourse about war: the US military is righteous and honorable, and firm in its commitment to killing terrorists by any means necessary. There will be no sufficient apology (if any is possible) for all the lives ruined in the violent pursuit of peace. No expense must be spared in ensuring that the US military is the most powerful in the entire world. While Democratic and Republican candidates might call […]

Maladjusted to a War Culture

Linda Gehman Peachey was among the NWTRCC friends at the Horsham vigil.

“The saving of our world from pending doom will come, not through the complacent adjustment of the conforming majority, but through the creative maladjustment of a nonconforming minority.” —Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Western Michigan University, 1963 “Creative maladjustment” emerged as a take-home theme (at least for me) from the day I spent at the “Faithful Witness in a Time of Endless War: Drone Warfare and God’s Call to Peacemaking” conference on June 25 in Lansdale, Pennsylvania. Speeches and Q&A sessions were followed by an afternoon demonstration at the nearby Horsham Drone Warfare Command Center. This call to creative maladjustment flowed from talks on Friday night that centered on drones, with presentations by Codepink co-founder Medea Benjamin, whose book Drone […]

Why I am going to Russia

David Hartsough June 14, 2016 The US and Russian governments are pursuing dangerous policies of nuclear brinkmanship. Many people believe we are closer to nuclear war than at any time since the Cuba missile crisis in 1962. Thirty-one thousand troops from the US and NATO countries are engaged in military maneuvers on the Russian border in Poland – together with tanks, military planes and missiles. The US has just activated an anti-ballistic missile site in Romania which the Russians see as part of an American first strike policy. Now the US can fire missiles with nuclear weapons at Russia, and then the anti-ballistic missiles could shoot down Russian missiles shot toward the west in response, the assumption being only the […]

An Unhealthy State of Things


I have a pile of clippings from newspapers and magazines intended for notes in the NWTRCC newsletter. They go back a few years because the newsletter pages seem to fill up before I get around to the clippings, and the pile keeps growing. I was pulling out some of the articles that have to do with tips for dealing with the IRS that might be of interest to war tax resisters, but with another mass shooting in the headlines those articles seem somewhat trivial. In a world of such violence, my mind wanders to that fear of war tax resistance expressed by so many: “I don’t want to go to jail.” Well, neither do I actually, but these days going […]

45 years of alternative fund grants!


(from our June/July 2016 newsletter🙂 “In order that we may offer our fellow citizens an alternative by which their tax monies may be directed to the sustainment of life rather than its destruction, the PEOPLE’S LIFE FUND is established.” Thus read the announcement of the founding of the New York City alternative fund in the August 1971 issue of Tax Talk, published by War Tax Resistance, the Vietnam War-era national organization that preceded NWTRCC. In the October issue of that year, Tax Talk included a page on Alternative Funds, explaining that “These are Funds whereby war tax resisters are pooling the money they have refused to give to the government. The money is rechanneled to local community groups.” Of the […]