War Tax Resistance Speakers Bureau – Randy Kehler

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Randy Kehler speaking in the documentary, The Boys Who Said ‘No”

Randy Kehler has been actively engaged for the past 40 years in research, writing, organizing, and advocacy regarding a range of public policy issues including energy and land reform, electoral democracy, and nuclear disarmament.

A graduate of Harvard College, Randy spent 22 months in federal prison for his refusal to cooperate with the Vietnam draft. Randy is a co-founder of the Traprock Peace Center (Deerfield, Mass.); the Franklin County (Mass.) Community Development Corporation; the Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign (national); the Working Group on Electoral Democracy (national); and the Five Rivers Council (Franklin Co., Mass.).

Randy and his wife Betsy Corner have lived in Colrain, Mass., for the past 30 years. As conscientious objectors to war, Randy and Betsy have for many years redirected their federal income tax payments to non-military needs such as food for the hungry, shelter for the homeless, and relief for war victims (including U.S. soldiers). Their war-tax refusal and the story of the IRS seizure of their home is the subject of an awardwinning documentary film entitled “An Act of Conscience” (Turning Tide Productions, 1994).

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