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Paul Sheldon

April 10, 2006 To the Internal Revenue Service: I support my country in all its peaceful endeavors, but for reasons of conscience and religious faith I do not support my country in its preparation for war and in war making. I am deeply troubled by the fact that about half of the federal tax that I owe the government is budgeted for military purposes. My payment of this tax enables my country to buy the tools and manpower to kill my fellow man. I am working for passage of the Religious Freedom Peace Tax Fund bill that would enable pacifists to pay their full taxes without paying toward war. As a Quaker and a pacifist and a parent, I have […]

Robert Randall Ⅱ

April 10, 2006 Internal Revenue Service Center Atlanta, GA 39901-0002 Re: 2005 1040 return for [SSN] To Whom It May Concern: Once again this year I am unable to pay any federal income tax which you might deem “due” from me. As I have stated to you in years past, I am a Christian. It would be a mortal violation of my faith in God to pay for war or the preparation for war. Jesus died for each of us and Jesus’ death on the cross was sufficient for all salvation. Attempts at “saving” ourselves or anything we may hold dear which include a willingness to kill those for whom Jesus has died is a denial of His gift of Life […]

Andrew Curtis

April 8, 2006 Internal Revenue Service Andover, MA 05501 To Whom It May Concern: Though my return shows I owe a balance to the IRS, I cannot in conscience pay any more money than has already been withheld from my paycheck knowing it will go to finance war. The Federal Government, after passing massive tax cuts and widening the tax loopholes for corporations, ignoring overwhelming worldwide opposition and facing a growing majority of opposition in the US, continues to spend several hundred billion dollars of taxpayer money to inflame and participate in the slaughter of Iraqi people – occupying a country that was in no way threatening the US. At the same time, the Federal budget deficit climbs while social […]

Mary Ann C. Holtz (2006)

March 6, 2006 To the people working in the IRS, to President Bush, to Senators Nelson and Martinez, and to Congressman C.W. Bill Young: This is my annual letter of conscience and plea to my government to begin to respect the consciences and religious freedom of those of us who are opposed to war. And my plea that we all respect the basic human needs of our impoverished and war-devastated sisters and brothers around the world. I am writing during the Christian penitential season of Lent, as our country enters the fourth year of waging war in Iraq. I am enclosing my Peace Tax Return for 2005 which explains briefly that I am paying $100 of my income tax to […]

Rebecca Nellenback

Internal Revenue Service Center Andover, MA 05501-0102 Dear Fellow Human Being, Enclosed you will find my tax returns for the 2004 tax year, and my payment voucher. You will notice that I have not included payment. I imagine that you are tired, that you have worked long hours. Perhaps your back hurts; you have been drinking a lot of coffee to keep going. Maybe you have a sick child at home, maybe a sick parent. I hope there is someone who loves you waiting to welcome you home when you walk in the door and kick off your shoes, finally, to let your feet breathe after all these hours in the office. I think you have probably seen a lot […]

David Hazen

On Tax Day, April 15, 2005, the Eugene Register Guard published the following: Guest Viewpoint: Tax resistance is everyone’s moral charge By David Hazen Due to recent events within the Bush administration, I have been forced to reconsider my willingness to pay my federal taxes. I am a member of a Christian church in Eugene, and I accept the power of love, compassion and nonviolence as it is spoken to us by all traditions of faith. These ideals are not only moral, they are a functional necessity for coexistence on a planet that is increasingly interdependent. It simply takes some humility, patience and creativity to implement such values, and we can do that if we would but try. I perceive […]

Mary Gibeault

April 15, 2005 To Whom It May Concern: In light of the massive corruption, fraud and misappropriation of working people’s tax money and the use of said money to commit murder and mayhem worldwide I find I must object the misuse of such funds by refusing to pay them. As a conscientious objector to the war in Iraq and the foreign policy that has caused so much death and suffering worldwide I cannot in good conscious financially support the corrupt government practices that have caused the deaths of so many innocent people; for me to do so would make me a party to murder which my personal and spiritual beliefs prohibit. Instead of being represented by the government, taxpayers are […]

Debra Valov

Internal Revenue Service Fresno, CA 93888-0102 Dear Internal Revenue Service Person: March 4, 2005 Today I sent in my completed 1040 and check in a separate envelope. I am writing to explain why I have withheld payment of $22.61 from the check in a symbolic act of war tax resistance, even though this amount by no means approaches the actual current percentage (50%) of tax revenue spent on the military every year. Please note that I am paying the balance you claim I owe under extreme protest. I protest the indecency of having to pay for Bush’s war and tax cut for the rich from the permanent disability settlement that I received last year after a grueling four year struggle in […]

Don Kaufman

Letter to phone company . RE: CREDIT FOR MILITARY-RELATED TAXES From 1968 to the present time my wife and I have declined to pay the Federal excise tax on telephone service. Your company has almost always honored our dissent from this dubious tax which can be traced back to the War Tax Revenue Act of 1914. Recently, however, we have been getting circuitous explanations or no response at all. Until August of 2004 SBC has honored our tax refusal by adjusting the differences on each month’s statement. On Oct. 25th your employee, Derric, checked with a supervisor and then referred us to Tel. # 888-242-6583 which was “out of service”! On Nov. 5th we sent a copy of our open […]

Steve Anderson

As best as I can remember, this is a copy of the letter I sent to the IRS in lieu of a tax return in 1992. The section in italics was added more recently. To whom it may concern, As a conscientious objector to war, I refuse to participate in the carnage committed by the Federal Government. It was my time in the military that opened my eyes to the ways that the money is spent, and inspired me to commit to life as a conscientious objector to war. By waiving my Fifth Amendment right, and reporting on my personal income, to bear witness against myself, I would be obligating myself to pay taxes in addition to what is taken […]

Evan Weissman

To Whom It May Concern: I’m not a naturally rebellious person. I recognize and respect the need for rules, laws and participation in any community (whether that be a classroom, city, country, or globally). It is precisely this understanding that leads me to my decision to withhold some of my federal tax payment. I’ve realized that for too long, I’ve been silently complicit in a rigged game that injures everyone playing. I’ve been cheering for one team while knowing full well that, the rules are skewed to hurt my team and I’ve been paying the refs to enforce those rules and ultimately, handing my team defeat. However, I also realize that this isn’t a game, and that I have so […]

Chris Toussaint

Why I am refusing to pay my income tax As April 15, 2004 approaches I have decided to file a 1040 tax return but to withhold sending the IRS any money for taxes I may owe. This decision was not made hastily or without a lot of thought. Over the years, and especially the last two years, I was spared having to make this decision because I did not owe anything due to weak earnings and significant expenses. The year 2003 was profitable however and I have determined that I will incur a tax liability. I have investigated the history and ethics, the legalities and the options of War Tax resistance and have weighed the consequences of my actions according […]