May 2017 Photos

“Raising the Stakes: Resistance and Community Survival in Troubled Times”
National War Tax Resistance Gathering
St. Louis, Missouri • May 5-7, 2017

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NWTRCC’s Administrative Committee meets Friday before the gathering begins. The St. Louis Friends Meeting House was a perfect place for us to meet.

Matthew Hoh told us about his path to war tax resistance — from being antiwar to joining the military to a job at the State Department to a troubled conscience. You can watch the video of his talk on YouTube.

Plowshares activist Carl Kabat (second from left) joined us for dinner and Matthew Hoh’s talk.

Susan Van Haitsma found her way from the train station and ran into Clare’s camera on arrival.

One of the highlights of the weekend was a WeCopWatch training with David Whitt. Chrissy Kirchhoefer is active with CopWatch in St. Louis and was our amazing host for the weekend.

Micheal McPherson, Executive Director of Veterans for Peace, and Bill Ramsey, who manages the CMTC escrow account.

Conscience and Military Tax Campaign Escrow Account presented redirected tax dollars during the weekend, along with other announcements about redirected tax dollars. (l to r) Sam Koplinka-Loehr made a preliminary announcement of the $20,000 plus that was redirected through NWTRCC’s Collective Redirection; CMTC grant recipients Tom Abeln, Vice president Local Chapter 61 VFP, and Steve Tamari of the Quaker Palestine Israel Network; Bill Ramsey, CMTC-EA manager; grant recipients David Whitt from WeCopWatch and Dianne Lee, who is Hedy Epstein estate executor; and Anne Barron, who announced her redirection at the big Tax March in San Diego.

Jason Rawn started off Friday with his favorite Johnny Cash antiwar song, “Don’t Take Your Guns to Town.”

Look what Susan, Robert, Peter, and Coleman ran into on their way to the Joy Parade, part of Cinco de Mayo celebrations in St. Louis. Looks like a good slogan for war tax resistance advertising!

Some folks escaped from an afternoon session of meetings to walk in the Joy Parade. Robert Randall (l) helps carry one of the banners that Coleman Smith (r) from Asheville created.

NWTRCC’s business meeting is held on Sunday morning, and includes not only those in the room but others who join through the internet. Passing the microphone has become an important part of the meeting.

Anne and Erica take the hot seats during a WTR counselor training role play session facilitated by Robert Randall, wearing the button.

Susan Miller takes seriously writing support cards to WTRs and thank yous to some of our volunteers.

Post-Coordinating Committee meeting and ready for lunch.

Thanks to our host Chrissy Kirchhoefer
and to Veterans for Peace and the St. Louis Chapter of WILPF
for co-sponsoring the weekend!

Photos by Ruth Benn, Susan Van Haitsma and Clare Hanrahan.

Minutes from the business meeting

Blog report by Erica

Notes from other sessions – coming soon!