November 2018 CC Meeting Minutes

National War Tax Resistance

Coordinating Committee Meeting

November 4, 2018 * Cleveland, Ohio

Present: Lincoln Rice, NWTRCC Coordinator (Milwaukee, WI); Ruth Benn (Brooklyn, NY); Peter Smith, Michiana WTR (South Bend, IN); Bill Glassmire (Corvallis, OR); Robert Randall (Brunswick, GA); Chrissy Kirchhoeffer, AdComm (St. Louis, MO); Gary Erb, Boulder War Tax Information Project (Boulder, CO); Erica Leigh, Communications Consultant (Seattle, WA);  Cathy Deppe, So Cal WTR + AdComm (Los Angeles, CA); DeCourcy Squire, AdComm (Minneapolis, MN); Kima Garrison, Portland WRL/WTRs (Portland, OR)

Virtual: Rick Bickhart, Co-Treasurer (Ridgeway, CO); Anne Barron, Peace Resource Center of San Diego + AdComm (San Diego, CA)

1 – Introduction (Go Around – What are you excited about for this coming year?)

Hopeful because we’re still going, new changes at NWTRCC; Looking forward to new energy in NY this year; Excited about young folks in NWTRCC and Youth Advisory Council; Folks have more time for more organizing in OR; Very active small group doing good work with penny poll in Minneapolis; Youth Advisory Council & their feedback, a young activist in St. Louis; We are reaching out to youth for input, & future growth & wider vision; Continued collaboration; About a new, unknown role in NWTRCC, our work against authoritarianism; Recently moved & longer isolated in a small town; Glad that this group exists with all else going on.

1A – Peter went over the NWTRCC consensus process.

2 – Consultant Reports

Coordinator (PDF report) – Lincoln’s Coordinator Report (separate document). Answers to questions: Easy transition. Everyone helpful. Crowdfunding with Paula’s documentary is being explored, but not very active at moment. Incapacitated doc has been updated and given to some folks so that they may keep NWTRCC going & accounts can be accessed if something happened to Lincoln

Communications Consultant (PDF report) – Answers to questions: Erica moving on. Computer-based nature difficult from a health perspective. Working at bike shop. “At a Glance” booklet was reworked & is very popular

Social Media Consultant (PDF report) – Answers to questions: She is leaving at the end of November, found full-time work. Lincoln will ask Sarah to add her thoughts of the social media position to her report that can be sent out with the final CC meeting report.

3 – Objectives (PDF Approved 2019 Objectives)

The following changes to the objective were approved:

  1. Outreach: AdComm recommends deleting 1b & adding promote website resources to 1a. New proposal make addition to 1a “promote website resources, including the Divest from war/Invest from People Campaign.” 1c, added word “it” to end of sentence.
  2. Meetings: Move 2b to 1b. Examples of 2c-place word “organizing” in front of “skills.” Adding examples to end of line (Copwatch; consensus process, social media outreach).
  3. Newsletter: Nothing
  4. Network: Clarification-about 160 people/groups in network. Lost the Austin affiliate, only added one area contact.
  5. Literature: 5b-eliminated “add QR code.” Add: “Maintain adequate stock of materials, especially Divest/Invest.” Susan Q. is fluent in Spanish & will add to list. add to c, create a redirection flyer w/ Invest/Divest branding.
  6. Media: 6d, add Progressive article for April
  7. Digital Resources, took Sarah’s name off of 7a.
  8. Counseling: add e, Continue quarterly counseling calls. b, add summons
  9. Fundraising: Let’s not forget FR ideas from Saturday morning session (Bill), no need to add anything
  10. Support: Nothing.

4 – Proposals

Proposal 1 – Affiliate Support Fund (Proposal PDF) Affiliate Support Fund for Maine. Background: 3rd time brought forward, $3,000 given to Maine over last 3 years. AdComm recommends against. Robert-strongly disagrees, believes it is a good investment. Kima-can we ask if they can be more self-sufficient. Bill-agrees with Robert. Peter noted that he works on their website as much as NWTRCC, but also agrees with Robert. Ruth, clarification that money is available, approve with 2 year? limit. DeCourcy, yes, but with time limit to ask again.

Consensus: Approved $750 with no new application for 2 years with some stand asides.

Proposal 2 – New Position Description – Outreach Consultant (Proposal PDF) Is Lincoln happy with proposal & will be able to accomplish his work with his current hours? He says “yes.” Process for hiring. We will form a hiring committee, which will hire a new person in consultation with AdComm (needs to be clarified-Ruth will help with it). *Rick & Anne willing to join hiring committee

Consensus: Approved – All thumbs up.

Proposal 3 – Advisory Outreach Youth Council (Proposal PDF) Advisory Youth Council. Broad Loomio support. Robert, clarify clear message… keeping your money away from military. Clarification: Coordinator & Outreach Committee will recruit & convene online.

Consensus: Approved with one stand-aside.

Endorsement 1 – United National Antiwar Coalition’s Anti-NATO Actions (Proposal PDFUNAC action in March/April 2018: Loomio, can be a difficult group to work with. Marxist-Lenist background. Ruth has tabled, could probably get a speaker at the event.

Consensus: Approved with 4 stand asides.

5 – AdComm Nominees

Any nominations for Nov meeting? Erica needs a short break. Robert served two previous terms, will consider based on other nominations. Audrey Stewars is in New Orleans, Sue Barnhardt in Eugene. Bill Ramsey in NC, Austin contacts, Kima (needs a break). Mike Hughes, talk to Susan Q about young people that might be around. Next newsletter will have announcement & deadline.

6 – Finances & Budget (Proposed Budget for 2019 & Passed Budget for 2019)

Comments: We are in good shape, especially with the Craigslist grant, which we never know is coming. Postage is over budget because it was not budgeted for in the special appeal for the Coordinator transition. $500 was added to the Printed lit line for translation. And $500 was added to Local/Regional Support to increase the total of that line to $1,000. These two changes resulted in a net income of $27.82.

7 – Future Gathering Locations

NOLA (NOLA Catholic Worker checking on possibilities & DC (Malachy?, Center for Conscience & War) possible. No open invitations. Bill offered Corvalis, Oregon (2 hrs from nearest airport). Could ask VFP WTRS (like Brian Wilson).

8 – Evaluation of Weekend

Pluses & Deltas

Chrissy – loves being with us, location / delta-logistics of getting around; DeCourcy – good time, budget discussion, activities, food, consensus process / delta-no doorbell; Robert – pleased with high level of interconnected with local folks / delta – how to take advantage of that, only one person came to WTR 101; Peter – round robin event / delta – Friday troubles with finding right place; Ruth – less stressful this year, presentation / delta – tighter facilitation, how to get locals here; Bill G. – space, Sat lunch & the cooks; Erica – great weekend, Saturday morning, facility / delta – wish more. Lincoln – community good / delta – communication with locals; Anne – great meeting / delta, use mike, check online responses; Rick – good business meeting / delta – not being there; Kima – good film last night, same police problems as elsewhere, Larry B documentary / delta – wish more folks here, airline tickets high, remind folks of travel fund; Cathy – really liked Cleve Nonviolence Network’s work, liked films, good setting / delta, getting into places, get local folks to join us.


Thanks to Maria Smith & all who contributed to getting this weekend organized!

See the blog report “The (Art and) Science of Peace” by Erica Leigh

Video from Opening Night Session on Resistance to Cleveland National Air Show

Maria Smith hosted the evening with Mike Fiala from Cleveland Catholic Worker and other speakers!