Not Paying for Nukes

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Thousands marched to and rallied at the United Nations Sunday, April 26, to protest nuclear weapons. Two days later 22 were arrested blockading the U.S. Mission to the UN demanding disarmament not more talk.

The United Nations holds a review of the Nuclear Weapons Non-Proliferation Treaty every five years. Hundreds of Japanese — including still some Hibakusha (survivors of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings) — come to the U.N. to participate with nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) in meetings at the UN to demand “no nuclear weapons and no nuclear power.” They also participated in and spoke at the April 24-26 conference, rally, and march called by a coalition of groups under the Peace and Planet banner. Many also watched the “Shadows and Ashes” direct action on April 28 organized by War Resisters League (WRL) and other groups.

For good reason (see photo below) war tax resisters were among those on the streets of New York attempting to draw attention to this issue.

Photos by Felton Davis.

Video of police warning and arrests at side entrance

— Post by Ruth Benn



3 thoughts on “Not Paying for Nukes”

  1. MIKE LEVINSON says:

    The action was great! Bravo and cheers to all of the “senior” activists who participated–I was the youngest one in the paddywagon and holding cell, 56 years old and still sitting-in, because I’m too tired to stand anymore! And I won’t stand for nuclear war! Long Live Nonviolent Direct Action! Power to the Peaceful! The War Resisters League remains the liveliest group on the left! Hi Ho!!!

    1. Florindo says:

      Great to share the action with you and your WRL comrades, Mike.

      It had to be one of the friendliest arrests and mailings in modern memory!

  2. Florindo says:

    “Jailings,” not, “mailings.”

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