Dear IRS, Dear Congress, Dear Military-Industrial Complex – Call for Submissions

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Do you:

  • Write to the IRS about war tax resistance?
  • Send letters to your congressperson?
  • Enclose a letter when you redirect resisted war taxes, explaining where the money comes from?
  • Write to any other entities or people about war tax resistance near Tax Day?
  • Want to start writing letters about war tax resistance now?

I’m creating a 1-2 minute Tax Day video, containing messages from war tax resisters directed to the IRS, Congress, the president, the military-industrial complex, your family, your local newspaper, or any other entity or individual. NWTRCC has a terrific directory of letters to the IRS, but I would like to have this video feature letters we don’t already have on the website.

You can submit your new or old letters in any of the following ways:

  • Text: send me the text of your letter or a general statement about why you refuse to pay war taxes, in the form of a hypothetical letter to anyone. I may use the text as text in the video, or in the social media campaign, or have someone record themselves reading your letter.
  • Audio: record yourself reading your text and send me a .wav or .mp3 file (please use the highest file quality and best microphone you can, I may not be able to use contributions with low audio quality or a lot of background noise)
  • Still visual: take a picture of yourself with a sign showing a statement about how/why you resist war taxes! Include #DearIRS, #DearCongress, or other hashtags for extra Twitter appeal (if that’s relevant to you). You can also tweet visuals to @wartaxresister.
  • Video: Unless you have a really high quality webcam or digital video recorder, I may not be able to use user-submitted videos in the Tax Day video. But if you want to submit a video of you reading your statement, that’s welcome! I can still share it on social media separately.

Paste text submissions in the comments, or submit anything via e-mail to wartaxresister -AT- nwtrcc -DOT- org, no later than January 31 February 10, 2015. By submitting you’re giving NWTRCC permission to reuse your submission in a video, in a social media post, on a podcast, or on our website (but we may not use all submissions). If you prefer to be anonymous, let me know, otherwise I will use the name given.

Help get the word out about war tax resistance and NWTRCC in 2015 – send in your letter!

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