Giving Tuesday, Online Media, and Ferguson

A few miscellaneous items as we head into Thanksgiving weekend:

1. NWTRCC is participating in Giving Tuesday, which is next Tuesday, December 2. On that day, we’re asking supporters of war tax resistance to give $10.40 or more for NWTRCC’s work.

2. If you missed our conference in Richmond at the beginning of this month, you can still enjoy parts of it online. The first piece to go up is my talk on my journey to war tax resistance at the Peace Forum on November 6. We’ll be releasing more recordings as they become available.

3. This is turning into a bit of a self-promotional post, but given the continued prominence of Ferguson in the news, I wanted to highlight my opinion piece in the last NWTRCC newsletter on Ferguson, police militarization, and war tax resistance.

Thanks for supporting NWTRCC and supporting war tax resistance.

Post by Erica