“This is a fundraising [blog post], and it’s about money.”

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“Most fundraising letters get around to revealing that they’re about money by the end, but as you read them you can sense a certain uneasiness, as if the writer weren’t comfortable saying, “we’re asking you to contribute some money.” This one will be different, because I’m entirely comfortable in saying that. (So, for the record: I’m asking you to contribute some money to the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee/NWTRCC: as much as you can.)

“And my reason for being comfortable, even zealous, in saying this is that war tax resistance comes into being because war tax resisters know how important it is to talk forthrightly about money: about the things that money buys that we reject, e.g., war; about how we can refuse to give our money to support such purposes; about the things that money buys that we support—sometimes with the money we have because we won’t pay it for war—like food and shelter and clothing and learning and teaching and music, and, of course, the organizations that work towards a world in which those things are what money gets spent on…”

Read the rest of the letter from Larry Rosenwald, or donate to NWTRCC now.