What Kind of War Tax Resister Are You?

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War tax resister and blogger David Gross has classified four different varieties of war tax resisters. The national war tax resistance network contains all these different types, as well as folks who are amalgams of two or more types.

David uses this framework to study the different tactics that war tax resistance campaigns use and how those tactics mesh with their motivations.

You might be a:

  • conscientious objection war tax resister, if you are motivated by not wanting to personally be complicit in the spending for war.
  • civil disobedience war tax resister, if you want to make a public statement about military spending by breaking the law.
  • nonviolent conflict war tax resister, if you want to reduce the government’s resources and in concert with many other resisters, thereby force it to change its militaristic ways.
  • legal test-case war tax resister, if you believe that laws compelling you to pay war taxes are illegal or should be made illegal.

For more on these classifications and their tactical and strategic implications, check out Dave’s Picket Line post from January 9, 2013 or watch his slide show for an illustrated version. (Update: and check out the updated Motivations page on the NWTRCC website.)

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