National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee

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You can be active with war tax resistance and the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee (NWTRCC) in many ways, both as an individual and as part of a group:



War Tax Resistance Network

The NWTRCC Network includes group Affiliates or Alternative Funds, and individual Counselors and Area Contacts. You’ll find the Network List under the “Who We Are” button to the left. If you or your group are interested in becoming a part of our Network, please read the information for each category below and let us know how you’d like to participate. Contact the NWTRCC office with questions or to join us.

War Tax Resistance (WTR) Counselors

Counselors are war tax resisters who volunteer to support existing and potential resisters by helping them to understand the motivations and methods of war tax protest, resistance, refusal, and redirection, and to understand the consequences of the choices they make. They will:

  1. Provide their names, addresses and telephone numbers for NWTRCC.’s Network List.
  2. Respond to requests for general information on WTR.
  3. Nondirectively* counsel individuals to help them determine their goals in regards to WTR, to discover the options most appropriate to their situation, and to assess realistically the possible consequences of those options.
  4. Assist war tax resisters who are having problems dealing with the IRS by providing information on IRS policies and procedures.
  5. Refer war tax resisters to other counselors, lawyers, professionals, or the NWTRCC office as necessary when the situation needs more time or knowledge than they have for adequate resolution.
  6. Refer to More Than A Paycheck to stay informed and up-to-date about changes in IRS practice and applicable laws.
  7. Keep the NWTRCC office informed of changes in their address and availability, and of special cases which come to them.

* WTR counselors should be careful not to advise or try to convince counselees to follow one particular course of action, but rather assist them to understand their options and to make responsible decisions.

All WTR counselors on the Network List will receive a subscription to More Than A Paycheck, NWTRCC’s bi-monthly newsletter.

New counselors are encouraged to attend a counselors’ training session (usually offered at our twice-yearly meetings) or to receive an update in-person from a current counselor. Please contact the NWTRCC office about setting up a training. Counselors should be able to answer many basic questions about war tax resistance and know where to find answers or refer individuals for more difficult situations.

Area Contact

Area Contacts are individuals or groups who volunteer to support NWTRCC and the war tax resistance movement in their area in the following ways:

  1. Provide your group’s name, address and telephone number for NWTRCC’s Network List
  2. Respond to requests for information by:
    1. Answering from your own experience and knowledge, or;
    2. Supplying basic WTR materials from a stock you keep on hand (You may charge costs for this service.)
  3. Evaluate the complexity of concerns and refer questions for counseling to WTR counselors, the NWTRCC office, or to lawyers, CPA’s or other professionals as appropriate.
  4. Keep track of WTR activities in your area and pass the info on to the NWTRCC office.
  5. To the extent that you are able, promote, advertise, and network WTR in your area. Possible activities include:
    1. Helping individuals connect with WTR groups, and helping groups to cooperate with each other on WTR,
    2. Advocating tax day demonstrations and other resistance activities,
    3. Providing op-eds (opinion editorials) and advertisements for local publications and developing relations with area journalists in order to spread the idea of WTR,
    4. Setting up and participating in trainings for WTR and WTR counseling,
    5. Convincing organizations to accept WTR as part of their concerns and activities.

Area contacts will automatically receive a subscription to More Than A Paycheck, NWTRCC’s bi-monthly newsletter. Area contacts are willing to take calls about war tax resistance and help hook people up with the resources they need.


Affiliates are groups that are generally more active in the WTR movement. All of the above applies to them, but in addition, affiliates receive the following:

  1. Reduced costs on some NWTRCC materials;
  2. Technical assistance on WTR organizing, counseling, alternative funds, and local WTR campaigns;
  3. Participation in the NWTRCC decision-making process as members of the Coordinating Committee;
  4. Coordination of Tax Day activities with other groups and national publicity work;
  5. Updates on late-breaking WTR developments. Please note that affiliates are asked to make annual affiliation contributions to NWTRCC. Suggested amounts are $50–$100 per year for local groups, $125–$300 for regional groups and $500 for national groups.

Regional groups would be the group in a large city, for example, or for a region of a state or several states. If you or your group are interested in affiliation or becoming a counselor or contact, email the NWTRCC office or call us toll free at (800) 269-7464.

Rapid Outreach Working Group (ROWG)

This group was created to identify and contact emerging actions, groups, or movements that might be receptive to incorporating war tax resistance.

Committee members will:

ROWG helped involve NWTRCC in “Stop the Machine! Create a New World!” in Washington DC in October, the United National Antiwar Committee national conference in Stamford, Connecticut, and links in advance of tax day from the Iran Pledge of Resistance and the Global Day of Action on Military Spending.

To help with this group contact David Gross.