War Tax Resistance Speakers Bureau – John & Pat Schwiebert

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Book by Pat & John Schwiebert.

John and Pat Schwiebert have been refusing to pay some or all of their Federal Tax in protest against military violence for more than 35 years, redirecting the money instead to life-affirming causes and, more recently, to their local county government. Although they have been somewhat successful in keeping money out of the hands of the Pentagon, they have also had to deal with levies against bank accounts, salaries, and pension benefits, and they almost lost a house through an IRS auction. John is a retired clergyman; Pat is a nurse, grief counselor and author/publisher of several well-known books on grief. John and Pat live in an intentional Christian community, the Peace House, which is a part of Metanoia Peace Community United Methodist Church in Portland, Oregon.

The Schwieberts were interviewed on “Democracy Now,” April 17, 2008: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yBwN_qfPsSs