War Tax Resistance Speakers Bureau – Geov Parrish

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Geov Parrish

Geov Parrish has been a conscientious objector to military taxation for over 35 years, and spent over a decade as the Director of the Nonviolent Action Community of Cascadia. His long experience as a peace and social justice activist also includes 16 years on the National Committee of War Resisters League.

He is also well-known as a national and local political writer and commentator, including a decade as political columnist for The Stranger and Seattle Weekly and in national and local print, online, and radio syndication. He continues to appear weekly on radio stations in Seattle and Olympia and to co-edit the community newspaper Eat the State!.

Geov previously served as the Executive Director of Peace Action of Washington, the statewide affiliate of the nation’s largest peace and justice organization. He currently works as a p lives in Seattle.