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Photo by Tracy LeBlanc on Pexels.

As we prepare of Tax Day (18 April 2023), we would like to encourage war tax resisters to promote and highlight their resistance and actions using social media. To help with this, NWTRCC will host an online social media webinar on Saturday March 18, 2023 at 2p Eastern/ 11a Pacific. This session will be an introduction to using social media as a resistance tool. Included on the agenda is using QR codes for Tax Day, using Twitter and hashtags, Instagram; reposting NWTRCC material online; creating social media accounts; utilizing FaceBook Live or Instagram Live to report from a protest, and more. The session will be very hands-on.

Facilitated by Lincoln Rice (NWTRCC Coordinator) & Chrissy Kirchhoefer (NWTRCC Outreach Consultant). Please invite anyone who you think might be interested to participate.

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