Signers of 2022 War Tax Resistance Statement

Divest from War / Invest In People

We, the undersigned, are are divesting from the taxes that fund war and investing in people, planet, and justice. The endless war on terror is continuing with drone warfare in Afghanistan and over 800 U.S. military bases outside the United States. In addition, the recently signed National Defense Authorization Act approved $25 billion more in funding for 2022 than the Pentagon requested. We are not waiting for government approval of our actions. We are divesting from war by refusing some or all of our federal tax dollars that fund it, or by living below the taxable income level. We invite you to join us publicly in this act of civil disobedience to war and war funding.

To join this list, please fill out the registration form on our Sign-On Statement page. If you check the “use my name” box under the “Publicize” section on the form, we will add your name below. You can also fill out the form to request more information.

Name Location Affiliation We’re taking our
divested war taxes and
investing them in
David Gross San Luis Obispo, CA Picket Line Press
  • GiveWell’s Maximum Impact Fund
  • Amnesty International
  • Nukewatch
  • The Nuclear Resister
  • About Face: Veterans Against the War
  • Bark – Forest Watch
  • Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project
  • Civil Liberties Defense Counsel
  • Food Not Bombs
  • International Institute of Peace Studies
  • Freeman Network for Justice and Peace
  • Community Help in Park Slope (CHIPS)
  • Resist
  • UNWRA for Palestine Refugees
  • NYC Audubon Society
  • Democracy Now!
  • Nuclear Resister
  • Brooklyn Public Library
  • Equal Justice initiative
  • Brooklyn Community Bail Fund
  • World Beyond War
  • Mennonite Peace Tax Fund
  • National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund
  • Pax Christi USA
  • Alzheimer’s Association
  • Mennonite Central Committee
  • Southeastern Connecticut Community Land Trust
  • prison commissaries
  • refugee resettlement programs
  • Environmental groups
  • Civil rights work
  • Peace & justice groups
  • Casa Maria Catholic Worker (Milwaukee, WI)
  • Water defenders at pipelines
  • People’s Life Fund
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Project South
  • Black Bail funds
  • Palestine solidarity
  • Oxfam
  • Cultivate
  • World Central Kitchen
  • Mercy Corps
  • SOS Charity
  • Volunteer fire department
  • Anti Human Trafficking
  • Humane Rescue
  • Abolition
  • Local mutual aid groups
Lincoln Rice Milwaukee, WI NWTRCC
Larry Dansinger and Karen Marysdaughter Bangor, ME Peace and Justice Center of Eastern Maine
Karl Meyer Nashville, TN Nashville Greenlands
Cathy Deppe Los Angeles, CA Global Network
Sue Barnhart Eugene, OR Taxes for Peace, Not War
Ed Hedemann Brooklyn, NY NYC War Resisters League
Chrissy Kirchhoefer St. Louis, MO NWTRCC
M Coleman Smith Asheville, NC SOAWatch
Gary Erb Boulder, CO War Tax Information Project RMPJC
Lindsey Britt Brattleboro, VT Taxes for Peace New England
Thomas Joyce Ithaca, NY Perry City Friends Meeting/Upstate (NY) Drones Action Network
Ruth Benn Brooklyn, NY NYC War Resisters League
Rev. Jerry Maynard Humble, TX The People’s Priest
Kima Garrison Portland, OR NWTRCC
Stephen Jacobs Columbia, MO St. Francis Catholic Worker
Anne Barron San Diego, CA Peace Resource Center of San Diego
Kathy Boylan Washington, DC Dorothy Day Catholic Worker
Bob Smith Philadelphia, PA Brandywine Peace Community
Kathy Kelly St. Charles, IL
Errol Hess Donalds, SC
Bill Ruhaak Joliet, IL
Betty Winkler New York, NY
Daniel Woodham Kingston, NY
Jim Haber San Francisco, CA
Anonymous Portland, OR
Charles B. McGarry Washington, DC
Peter Smith South Bend, IN
Nathan And Brittany Shroyer Chestertown, MD
Rick Yoder Rockingham, VA
Kathy Labriola Berkeley, CA
Beverly Settle Saco, ME
Shulamith Eagle Chester, PA
Shelley & Jim Douglass Birmingham, AL
Richard Baine Point Pleasant, NJ
Anonymous Eugene, OR
Sherry Dougherty Ridgeley, WV
Lorin Peters San Leandro, CA
Sara Sunstein Albany, CA
Jordann Hartzheim Madison, WI
Dennis Lehmann Freeman, SD
Eleanor Forman New York, NY
Amy Harlib New York, NY
Christopher Spicer Somerville, MA
Clark Hanjian Vineyard Haven, MA
Jim Allen Lanett, AL
Erica Leigh Seattle, WA
Marisa Hendrickson Seattle, WA
Sylvia Shirk Portland, OR
Barbara & Jim Dale Decorah, IA
Jennifer Smith Orlando, FL
Daniel Sicken Putney, VT
Melissa Hochstetler Minneapolis, MN
Joanne Sheehan Norwich, CT
Mark Frey Chicago, IL
Kayla Starr Talent, OR
George Rodkey Tacoma, WA
Sarah Miller Nederland, CO
Tracy Whyte Kamuela, HI
Ruby Phillips Seattle, WA
Anonymous Nevada, IA
Anonymous Santa Fe, NM
Tom Laney Mercedes, TX
Ellen Barfield Baltimore, MD
Chris Nelson Chico, CA
Tim Godshall Harrisonburg, VA
Stanley and Susan Godshall Harrisonburg, VA
Herb & Sarah Myers Keezletown, VA
H. A. Penner Akron, PA
Earl Martin Harrisonburg, VA