Index to Letters by Name

Steven J. Kretzmann

April 15, 2002 Internal Revenue Service Philadelphia, PA 19255-1451 To Whom It May Concern: Enclosed are my federal tax forms for 2001 along with a check in payment for the Social Security and Medicare portion of what I owe. The additional amount that the form shows I owe is not enclosed. As in previous years, I am unable to pay any federal taxes for reasons of conscientious objection to war. I have not paid any federal taxes since 1987. I do not plan to do so until I can be assured that nothing of what I pay will fund war or its preparations. This letter is similar to those I have sent to the I.R.S. in previous years, but to […]

Veronica Fellerath

Attachment re: Form 12153 – Request for a Collection Due Process Hearing Date: January 8, 2002 Explanation of why I don’t agree with the “Notice of Levy/Seizure” Each year I withhold part of my taxes (and send the money to a group that serves the poor) so that I am not paying for weapons of mass destruction. I believe that my right of conscience in this matter supercedes any tax claim of my government. I believe that it would be morally wrong and destructive of our fragile planet (the entire ecosystem, including people) to use nuclear weapons, biological weapons or any other weapons of mass destruction. Therefore, it follows that if these weapons must not be used, then it is […]

Peter Meyers (2001)

April 16, 2001 Internal Revenue Service Andover, MA 05501-0002 Dear Internal Revenue Service Person: I enclose this letter with my completed tax form as an explanation about why I cannot, in good conscience, pay the tax money that is demanded of me by the I.R.S. and the United States government—$2,523.81—for the 1999 tax year. Approximately 10 years ago, I began—as a spiritual discipline, to monitor every penny that went in and out of my life. Out of this discipline, I have become increasingly aware that how I spend my money—as it symbolizes my life energy—is a very concrete expression of my purpose and intent in this world. I began to look at how some of the Federal tax dollars are […]

Carol Moore

CAROL MOORE Washington, DC July 10, 2000 Charles O. Rosetti Commissioner, Internal Revenue Service Washington, DC Mr. Rossotti, My name is Carol L. Moore, Social Security number [number redacted]. I am present at the Internal Revenue Service building in Washington, D.C., today, to turn myself in for refusing to pay federal income taxes for war and violence, as I have refused since 1976, the 200th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. As a pacifist and feminist I have, for 24 years refused to pay taxes to the U.S. General Fund because approximately ½ of such monies pay for past, present, and future war. Nuclear war is inevitable as long as males (and enabling females) are willing to kill for male pride […]

Larry Rosenwald

On Being a Very Public War Tax Resister Remarks at the Voluntown Gathering (11/12/99) Larry Rosenwald It’s conventional to begin a talk like this by saying you’re honored to have been asked to give it. Well, I am honored to have been asked to give this talk, genuinely and not just conventionally. I’ve sometimes felt uneasy about my relation to the tax resistance community, in ways that I’ll discuss towards the end of my talk; and it touches me very deeply to have been asked to address it. I hope that what I have to say will prove useful, and that my comments on my own situation will turn out have a representative meaning as well as an autobiographical one. To […]

D. Pierre Gingerich

D. Pierre Gingerich Ithaca, NY 16 August 1999 Charles O. Rossotti, Commissioner Internal Revenue Service Washington, D.C. 20224 Internal Revenue Service Center Andover, MA 05501-0002 Dear Mr. Rossotti: I refuse to pay military taxes. I am writing to you to explain why I have withheld payment of $136.06, or 44.6% of the $305 calculated for my 1998 federal taxes ($347 “total tax” minus $42 EIC) . This 44.6% corresponds to the proportion of the federal budget that goes to pay for present wars and war preparations, and for interest on the national debt accrued in order to pay for past wars. This figure does not include veterans benefits, which I willingly pay. Before us lie the age-old choices of life […]

S. Brian Willson

“With all due respect…I must refuse your request.” Dear Official of the Internal Revenue Service and/or Judge of the U.S, District Court, or other Judicial or Quasi-Judicial Officers: I am aware of your request for my cooperation in producing monetary amounts or documents to aid in the collection of those amounts, to satisfy a debt that you claim I owe the U.S. government. I disagree vehemently with the basis for your claim of my indebtedness as I have explained in previous writings and discussions with representatives of the IRS. Therefore I cannot honor your request(s). This refusal on my part is not personally directed to you or any other person(s), nor is it due to any reluctance to support the […]

S. Brian Willson (1985)

Letter to the Commissioner of Internal Revenue Service, the Secretary of the Treasury, the President and the People of the United States of America Accompanying My 1984 Tax Return August 15, 1985 RE: Federal Income Tax This letter is dedicated to a man named “Hue.” He is a Vietnamese man who remains a vivid image in my mind and soul. As a former Air Force security officer in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam in 1969, I was an observer of bombing missions of villages after which I was supposed to assess damages. Hue was one elderly Vietnamese man who survived, fortunately or unfortunately, depending on one’s point of view, one of those barbaric bombing attacks. Our eyes caught each other […]