Frontier Stories

2013-August 2014

One resister has had a months-long struggle with Frontier as they had started charging late fees for the resisted excise tax balance left on each bill. “They have been the only service available to me since at least 2006, perhaps further back. I have been refusing to pay this tax since long before that. It seems that for at least this amount of time they have not been crediting my account even though I’ve been sending them a notice every month with my bill.”

It took months and many phone calls with Frontier workers who were not informed of company policy to find out that, “Their unwritten and unstated rule has been that I should have been sending my notice to a separate address in Florida, and not with my payment. Some of their customer service people have told me recently that they could only speculate that their payment center has been throwing my notices away.”

They even provided him with an official form showing the company has a policy on refusal to pay the excise tax. They just don’t tell anyone.

He is still hoping to get the balance credited and the late fee removed from his bills.