Photos – May 2016 Gathering

The National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee held the spring 2016 gathering in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, over the weekend of May 13-15. The weekend was co-sponsored by Lansdowne Friends Meeting, Brandywine Peace Community, and Peace Center of Delaware County, and we are grateful to the Friends Meeting and Lansdowne Friends School for the use of their wonderful facilities. (Click on  photos to enlarge.)


Bob Smith of Brandywine Peace Community tells the out-of-towners what’s going on locally. Photo by Paul Sheldon.

Good food at the Lansdowne gathering

Fran Sheldon coordinated food for the weekend. It was great — and every attendee was grateful. Photo by Paul Sheldon.


Jason Rawn spoke about his recent 3 months in Okinawa, Japan, and Jeju Island, South Korea, protesting U.S. military bases. Photo by Ruth Benn.

Tax day report by Anne Barron

Anne Barron from San Diego gave a report on tax season actions in San Diego and the redirection ceremony of the Southern California War Tax Alternative Fund. Photo by Ruth Benn.

war tax resistance gathering small group

Paul Sheldon, left, is a member of the Lansdowne Meeting and helped organize the gathering. Small groups met outside between rain storms. Photo by Bill Glassmire.

NWTRCC Meeting Lansdowne

Sunday’s business meeting was well attended. Photo by Paul Sheldon.


On Saturday afternoon we car pooled into north Philadelphia to Norris Park. We met Galen Tyler (red hat) and Cheri Honkala of the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign for a reality tour of “where your taxes are not going.” Photo by Ruth Benn.


The Kensington neighborhood has many beautiful murals. Photo by Bill Glassmire.

Cheri Honkala

After the walking tour we escaped the rain at Liberty Choice deli where Cheri told us more about the work of PPEHRC. Photo by Ruth Benn.

Falafal dinner at war tax gathering

Our falafal dinner at Liberty Choice was excellent. And thanks also to Food Not Bombs in Philadelphia for their donations! Photo by Ruth Benn.

Robin Harper's redirection chart

Longtime war tax resister Robin Harper displayed the chart he has kept showing his resistance and redirection. It begins with 1960 and shows the amount of his resistance and the groups that received his redirected war tax. Photo by Bill Glassmire.

Support cards for war tax resisters.

Peter Smith adds a note to one of the cards we send to war tax resisters who have been levied by the IRS, quit a job to avoid collection, or had some other problem with their resistance. We send get well cards to resisting friends too. Photo by Bill Glassmire

Thanks so much to everyone who attended
and to our Philadelphia area hosts!