November 2016 Gathering in Pictures

National War Tax Resistance Gathering
Hampton, Florida • November 4-6, 2016

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Sustainable Living Center

We met at the Sustainable Living Center, a project of the Florida Coalition for Peace and Justice.


John X and Martina Linnehan live in one of the eco-houses on the property. We could have hung out on the porch the whole weekend.


How we help make it “sustainable.”

War Tax Resistance Gathering - Florida

A gathering weekend includes a lot of talk and meetings, but it’s not all dull. Bill, Ruth and Sam found something to laugh about.


Robert kept careful notes. Chrissy just joined the Administrative Committee and came to a WTR gathering for the first time.


NWTRCC’s new Field Organizer/Outreach Consultant Sam talked about intersectional organizing and his ideas for this new job.

Clare and Coleman give Militarization-of-the-South talk

Clare (middle) and Coleman gave a presentation on the Militarization of the South. Erica (left) set up an online connection for those who could not come to Florida.


An intent audience for the presentation.


Bill and Cathy keep up with the news and their email (or are they watching cat videos?).

Erica and David and Spanish moss

Erica and David and Spanish moss.

Florida Coalition for Peace and Justice

At the entrance to the building where we met.


John X at home.

Guys make applie crisp

Ed, Jim and Daniel managed to keep all their fingers and make a great apple crisp from apples on Jim’s farm.

WTR Solidariy with Standing Rock

We sent this message over social media.


Yes, we were in gator country, though this one was spotted some miles from where we met on the La Chua Trail.

Thanks to our host and chief cook Garrett Llopiz and everyone with the Florida Coalition for helping to make it a great weekend. We are especially glad that some new and old friends from Florida could join us.

Photos by Ruth Benn, Clare Hanrahan, and Ed Kale.

Minutes from the business meeting

Notes from other sessions