You’ve Got Mail

A few days ago I got a pile of envelopes in the mail from the IRS. Ten to be exact. All in one mail delivery. Each bill was dated September 2 (well ahead of that date), each for one tax year from 2003 to 2012. I file and refuse to pay, and the IRS usually accepts my self-assessment per my 1040 form, so there’s a 10-year statute of limitations on collection. The IRS has 10 years to collect from the date of assessment, so if you file by April 15 the assessment might fall within a few weeks after that. It’s possible the IRS could ask for more time, but generally they keep to the 10 years. Getting all those […]

Tiny Ways to Start WTR

clockwise from upper left: "War Tax Resisters Penalty Fund" with rifles to roses image, Small ways to start supporting war tax resistance!; image of W-4 form; image of people sitting in a semi-circle; man at computer; Kathy Kelly

War tax resistance (WTR) is an empowering and rewarding form of civil disobedience. However, some people find that the first step of “becoming” a war tax resister is intimidating. The government tells us that they have our best interests at heart and that the IRS is an enormous, omniscient, omnipotent entity that has the power to ruin our entire lives. Neither of these things is necessarily true. If you’re ready to take another step in your war tax resistance journey and want to start small, here are some things you can do: 1) Write a letter to the editor of your newspaper or comment on a major political blog or article, questioning military spending priorities and expressing support for people […]

A Little Good News: War Protest is Not Frivolous

For years many of us in the war tax resistance network have been arguing with the IRS that no one should be charged with a frivolous penalty when they send a letter of protest against war spending with their accurate 1040 form, whether or not they are refusing some or all of the tax due. Of the egregious cases, Steve Leeds’ story is right up there. He did not even owe taxes when he received a frivolous penalty warning letter after he filed for 2009 and included a letter of protest about taxes being used for war. He fought this threat and actually got an apology from the IRS. Another couple resisted for the first time by refusing to pay […]

First Post

This will be the first post of the War Tax Talk blog, which is related to the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee (NWTRCC). This blog is a place to write about: Questions that come into the NWTRCC office by phone (1-800-269-7464) and by email or that we hear about from others in our network. We may not always name names, but the stories or examples will be real and may be useful to others in similar situations. Ideas about organizing around war tax resistance, war tax refusal, or whatever term you like. (See * in a paragraph below.) What activists are doing to connect war tax resistance to individuals and groups working on other peace and justice issues. Most […]