A Few Clicks to Support War Tax Resisters

In addition to turning out for a Tax Day event in your area, as long as you’re online, why not take a minute to support NWTRCC and get more connected to the war tax resistance movement? You can: 1) friend us on Facebook, join our Facebook group, like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, follow us on Pinterest, subscribe to our channel on YouTube 2) share our Letters from War Tax Resisters video. You can join our Thunderclap with your Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr account: or you can post this message yourself on social media on Tax Day: “I support resistance to taxes that fund the military. No more taxes for war. #TaxDay #DearIRS http://thndr.it/1CmWNyT” 3) join our Tax […]

A Transition is Inevitable

A Transition is Inevitable: A Review of David Hartsough’s Waging Peace: The Global Adventures of a Lifelong Activist     by Jason Rawn David Hartsough’s Waging Peace: The Global Adventures of a Lifelong Activist delivers the best of what the title promises, with emphasis on the Waging and the Adventures. Beginning with a racist’s shaking knife at his own shaking chest during a lunch counter sit-in, Hartsough takes us from the bullies and rocky snowballs of one influential walk home from school in his childhood Iowa – “My first encounter with the power of nonviolence came early” – through his decades of energized, sustained, nonviolent direct action on frontlines all around the world, eyes always on the prize, or else searching for […]

Podcast #4: Talking with Shane Claiborne

Shane Claiborne is a Christian author and speaker, founder of the Simple Way community in Philadelphia, and war tax resister. In 2011, he announced his war tax resistance in articles that ran on major secular and Christian websites like Huffington Post and Christianity Today. In this interview, learn the surprising way the IRS responded to his resistance (a lesson for all low-income filers!) and more about the ideals that led Shane to live on a low income and to resist and redirect war taxes. Listen to Talking with Shane Claiborne. Subscribe to the podcast feed by adding http://feeds.feedburner.com/WarTaxTalkPodcast to your RSS reader. We are also now on iTunes as War Tax Talk. Send suggestions for podcast/Google Hangout topics or promotion ideas to […]

New Video: Letters from War Tax Resisters

Hear three letters from war tax resisters to the IRS, family members, and the local newspaper. [closed captioning available] This year, as for many decades before, thousands of people around the country are refusing to pay some or all of their federal income taxes as a protest and/or an act of conscientious objection against the 45% of the federal budget that pays for war. We call on all people who desire peace to consider starting war tax resistance. Margaret says, “I cannot in good conscience send [the IRS] any money which would be used for training, arming or sending military forces to participate in war.” Ari says, “As I calculate my total taxes “owed” I like to dream about how […]

Pi Day 2015: Getting Our Peace of the Pie

For math lovers, 3-14-15 holds special significance. It’s the annual Pi Day, but not just any Pi Day: “In the year 2015, Pi Day will have special significance on 3/14/15 at 9:26:53 a.m. and p.m., with the date and time representing the first 10 digits of π. That same second will also contain a precise instant corresponding to all of the digits of π.” (Wikipedia) We peace activists have our own significant — in this case — “pie.” That’s the pie chart that shows how the federal government spends U.S. income tax dollars and the shocking priority on war represented by the pie. War Resisters League began producing a pie chart in 1977 for the first edition of the Guide […]

Today in History: Adams v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue

Sixteen years ago, the 3rd Circuit of the US Court of Appeals ruled against Priscilla Adams. She asserted that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) should accommodate her refusal to pay taxes that would go to war. However, the court maintained that mandating universal compliance with the tax law was the “least restrictive means” under RFRA of collecting revenue to support the budget, which of course left her religious beliefs entirely unaccommodated. As written in “RFRA Court Appeals” in the April 1999 More Than a Paycheck: Lawyer Goldberger argued that the burden of proof was on the IRS to show why it should not provide an alternative to Priscilla to paying for the military, as required by the Religious Freedom […]

“One of the most important spiritual directors in my life has been the Internal Revenue Service”

Kathy Kelly is a long-time peace activist and the co-founder of Voices for Creative Nonviolence, a NWTRCC affiliate. She has been a war tax resister since 1980, and while she hasn’t gone to jail for her war tax refusal, she has been arrested dozens of times for civil disobedience actions. Through her work, she has also spent significant time in war zones in Iraq and the West Bank, as a witness to violence and a friend to those thrust into war. Read her incredible bio here. Kathy is currently serving three months in federal prison for trespassing at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri, where soldiers in front of computer screens pilot drones in the Middle East. You can read […]

A Good Reason to Refuse to Pay War Taxes

Many of us got involved in war tax resistance because of nuclear weapons. For myself, I heard Dr. Helen Caldicott speak sometime back around 1980. She was passionate — and scary — about the dangers of nukes. The disaster at Three Mile Island led her to leave her medical career, become president of Physicians for Social Responsibility, and a leader in the peace movement. I appreciated that she spoke out about the connections between nuclear power and nuclear weapons, and now she has the example of Fukushima to continue her loud call for “no nukes.” When I got active in the peace movement, nuclear weapons and fear of nuclear war were pressing issues of the day. The arms race between […]

Is War Tax Resistance Elitist?

War tax resister David Gross recently appeared on the Litopia After Dark podcast (discussing some of his countercultural/culture-jamming activities in addition to tax resistance and his book, 99 Tactics of Successful Tax Resistance Campaigns). Co-host Peter Cox repeatedly stated that being a war tax resister was “elitist.” He even said, “Most people can’t do [war tax resistance], so it is almost by definition quite elitist.” This is a truly mindboggling definition if I’ve ever heard one! But I wanted to break that down a little. Choosing to take action based on your conscience, in my experience, often means to other folks that you think that by virtue of taking that action that you are better than them. This leads to […]

Update on the Affordable Care Act as War Tax Redirection

by Robert Randall Note: This is a follow-up to Robert’s previous post from June 2014. Having now had a chance to further experience the Affordable Care Act (ACA, often called Obamacare) and see how it really works tax-wise, I wish to both correct some errors in my previous post and further expand on its potential usefulness as a way to redirect federal income taxes from war to something less awful. A reminder: this information is only relevant to you if you are eligible to receive assistance from the feds in obtaining health insurance or if, as a war tax resistance contact or counselor, you would like to be knowledgeable about and assist others in achieving clarity concerning this new way […]

Organizations Supporting War Tax Resisters

We recently updated the text version of our Practical War Tax Resistance #6 pamphlet, Organizational War Tax Resistance, and will update the print version sometime in the future. In this pamphlet, we feature stories about businesses and nonprofits that support their employees and independent contractors in war tax resistance, and get into the details of organizational approaches to WTR. One of our affiliates, the National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund, has a webpage with war tax resistance statements from its board members David Bassett, H.A. Penner, and Richard N. Woodard. David Bassett writes, “I am willing to pay the full amount of my federal taxes, if the government would provide that my tax payments will be used only for […]

Individual Choices and Movement Building: Shall the Twain Meet?

War tax resisters do not tend toward weeping over the latest news that the IRS budget is declining, that it is short staffed and has lots more work to do thanks to the Affordable Care Act. As a resister with ten years of tax debt myself, I’m not in a big rush for them to get more active on my case. But there are days when I think that my life is too comfortable and too easy; should I be doing something to push the envelope more, to get in more trouble and bring more attention to war tax resistance? I was just talking to a longtime war tax resister (WTR) who noted that she had not been bothered much […]