Ask Your Church or House of Worship to Donate to NWTRCC

Please consider asking your church or house of worship to donate to NWTRCC. Many religioius groups set aside a percentage of their budget to donate to worthy projects. A gift from your church could be a one-time donation or a yearly commitment.

It often helps to make a donation request in writing. When something is in writing, groups often feel more obligated to respond. If you are at a loss for what to write, feel free to contact the NWTRCC office at or (800) 269-7464.  

Sample Language

Here is an example of a request that could be submitted to your religious group:

Dear Milwaukee Friends Meeting,

I’m hoping that you will make a donation to the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee (NWTRCC). NWTRCC opposes militarism and war, and refuses to complicitly participate in the tax system which supports such violence. War is a sin and NWTRCC provides critical resources for those who do not want to financially support it.

NWTRCC also alerts people to the risks associated with each method of war tax resistance. War tax resisters are willing to take chances to stand up for what they believe in even if it means lost income, time in jail, and being judged by others who prefer the status quo. These are people who dare to be driven by their commitment to making our country and the world safer, more just and peaceful for everyone.

Their website ( is their most utilized resource, with over 38,000 unique visitors stopping by the NWTRCC site in 2020. The average visitor looks at 9 different webpages.

NWTRCC is able to do everything that they do with only two part-time consultants, generous volunteers, and a $58,000 budget. Since NWTRCC promotes methods of war tax resistance that are both legal and illegal, it is very difficult for them to receive any grants.

A significant portion of our membership consists of Quakers, many of whom live very simply and are not able to make donations to NWTRCC. A donation to NWTRCC would not only promote peacemaking and divestment from U.S. militarism, but aid in providing up-to-date resources and advice to Quaker war tax resisters all over the United States. Lastly, I know that NWTRCC would be happy to provide a presentation on war tax resistance to our group if we were interested.

Thank you for your consideration.


[Your Name]

Member of this Friends Meeting Group


Other aspects of NWTRCC’s work that could be added to the request…

  • answering questions on the hotline, (800) 269-7464
  • sharing stories of war tax resisters in the newsletter Refusing to Pay for War
  • responding to questions and inquires through email and postal mail
  • updating resources in print and on the website
  • promoting refusal to pay for war through social media
  • holding two gatherings each year around the country
  • tabling at events and conferences, including School of the Americas Watch, Veterans for Peace annual convention, U.S. Social Forum, and more.

If you would like more information about NWTRCC’s finances, see our recent annual reports. Please contact us with your questions, comments, and ideas.

Thank You for Reaching out to your Local Religous Group!