A Raffle as a way to Celebrate & Support NWTRCC!!!


Generic Picture of Raffle Tickets

Generic Picture of Raffle TicketsSupporting war tax resistance can be fun… or at least that is the hope with NWTRCC’s 2nd Annual Raffle. Thanks to the Fundraising Committee for organizing it!

I am also very thankful to all those folks in our network who donated something for the raffle. Our top prize is a 2-night stay in a cabin at Woolman Hill, which hosts the Nelson Homestead. (The Nelson Homestead website also has info for Juanita Nelson’s 100th Birthday Celebration — August 17–20 in Western Massachusetts.) This prize was offered in collaboration with longtime war tax resisters Betsy Corner and Randy Kehler.

Floral Print

Other prizes include a 2-night stay at the Celo Inn in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, which was organized by longtime war tax resister Jim Stockwell. War tax resister Sara Sunstein if offering an integrative body work session. Our friends at the Nuclear Resister are offering a Nuclear Resister T-Shirt and button. There is also art (including a floral print donated by Larry Bassett), a brand-new hammock (donated by Rick Bickhart), topical books, and more.

This raffle has been a collaborative effort with so many folks in our network either helping to organize, donating items, purchasing tickets, and so on.

With all that being said, we are nearing the finish line for our raffle this year. Tickets must be received at the NWTRCC post office box no later than June 30th. (Mail is placed in the PO Boxes by 10:30 am every day.) So after picking up mail on the afternoon of June 30, the drawing will be held.

No donation is required to participate in the raffle, but we would appreciate your financial support. NWTRCC is only able to continue because of every donation it receives—both large and small.

To be entered in the raffle, simply fill out the raffle tickets and mail them back to NWTRCC… hopefully with a donation. (A set of raffle tickets were sent out in the May Appeal & NWTRCC‘s June newsletter.) If you normally donate online using PayPal or Resist, simply print out a sheet of tickets (nwtrcc.org/raffle), fill them out, and mail them in. A sheet of raffle tickets with a full list of prizes can be found at nwtrcc.org/raffle. Once again, tickets need to be received by the time the drawing occurs on June 30.

— Post by Lincoln Rice