Don Timmerman 2018

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Dear IRS Friends,

I have refused to pay for war for thirty five years, and I am not stopping now.  I am a Christian. My belief tells me that to follow Christ, I must refuse to cooperate with a government that believes it is alright to spend 50% of money received on war and weapons of war, as well as training our young to kill and maim the enemy of the state.   I think of how many people in the world could be helped so much with the trillions of dollars that cannot be accounted for by the U.S. military.  I believe that Fiscal Times wrote that as much as $21 trillion cannot be accounted for by the military.  Yet the government continues to pump more money into the hands of the military.  The military are always given impunity for wasting money.  I believe the military should be used only in situations where there are natural disasters somewhere in the world or where people are starving to death or in great need of medical help.  As former Secretary of State of President Reagan stated, “Let them march all they want as long as they pay their taxes.”  I, for one, will not.

Thank you.

Don Timmerman of Casa Maria Catholic Worker, Milwaukee