Larry Bassett 2018

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US Internal Revenue Service
1101 Court St.
Lynchburg VA 24504

Dear Lynchburg IRS staff,

I am sorry I have not been in touch with your office much sooner than this in my search for a solution to my federal income tax problem. Quite honestly, I did not realize that there was an IRSoffice in Lynchburg. But let me tell you my problem now that I understand you are here and may have the ability to intervene in my situation.

Does your office handle the taxpayer program Offer in Compromise? If so I would like to meet with the person who is responsible for making decisions under that program.

Let me briefly explain my situation. I am a pacifist and because of those religious/moral beliefs I find myself unable to pay my federal income taxes because they so substantially finance war and war preparations which violates my deeply held beliefs. In the past in the spirit of compromise and reconciliation I have worked very hard for congressional legislation that would allow for people such as myself to have their federal taxes designated solely for non-military purposes in a similar way that conscientious objectors can be exempt from the military draft. It recently occurred to me that an Offer of Compromise might equitably achieve the same result since the government does not apparently object in principle to my paying less than what I actually owe as evidenced by the Offer in Compromise process. I am certain we could agree on quite a few government operations that I would be willing to financially support a the non-military portion of my federal taxes due. We simply have to come to some agreement on that amount.

Since my retirement I have not routinely had a taxable income so have not been faced with this dilemma until the past few years. But my father died in 2016 and left me with a substantial taxable income. While most people believe that inherited income is not taxable, I am sure that you as people who deal with taxes every day understand this is not always the case. My inheritance of annuities and IRAs has led to a significant tax liability that I am unable in good conscience to pay. I believe the Offer in Compromise process might lead to a win-win situation.


Larry Bassett
901 Jefferson St #6F
Lynchburg, VA 24504