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War tax resistance has received more news coverage already this year than in all of 2016. I’m thrilled that we’re being sought out! Many articles are spreading beyond the original source, by being summarized or reblogged on other websites. This is leading to some misinformation that I want to clear up:

  • The National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee has existed since 1982. We didn’t start with Trump, and we won’t end with Trump. We oppose militarism under every administration.
  • NWTRCC has no affiliation, overt or covert, with the Democratic Party! War tax resisters have a variety of political perspectives and affiliations, but we share an interest in furthering peace and justice, rather than militarism, with our tax dollars.
  • While we pointed out the statements of tax resistance from Mia Farrow and Gloria Steinem in our press release, neither woman is affiliated with NWTRCC or has made any direct contact with us.
  • Articles that portray war tax resistance as a certain route to jail time are inaccurate. The most common consequences are receiving letters from the IRS and having salary or bank account balances seized by the IRS to pay back tax bills. Out of hundreds of thousands of war tax resisters since World War 2, we know of fewer than 30 who spent time in jail or prison related to war tax resistance. In most cases, the jail time was not directly due to the refusal to pay, but due to filing inaccurate tax returns or refusing to provide information to the IRS. We urge resisters to learn about the potential consequences of their chosen style of resistance.

Sam Koplinka-Loehr in Philadelphia on January 21. Photo courtesy of Sam Koplinka-Loehr and Camellia Tenutobanner

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