Divest from the Pentagon, Invest in People palm card back

War is a poor investment. If you invest money in something, you hope it will bring you future benefits and security. What do we get when our tax dollars are invested in war? Trillions of dollars for weapons destroyed in an instant; people trained to kill return home wounded or unable to adjust to civilian life -- if they come home; lack of funds to solve hunger, homelessness, crumbling infrastructure, and environmental destruction; death, destruction, enemies, and an endless cycle of violence. Thousands are involved in powerful divestment campaigns calling on corporations, colleges, churches, and towns to withdraw funds from fossil fuels, guns, or military contractors. Divest from the Pentagon means considering war as an investment -- a bad investment, which can be fixed by withdrawing your consent. Refusing to pay some or all of federal taxes that help fund war is a powerful act of civil disobedience. Invest in people by redirecting that money to humanitarian projects. Go to the website or call to explore steps to get started, examine the likely consequences, and join with others. War is a poor investment. Corporations may profit from war, but everyone else loses.

headline: “War is a poor investment”

For more on how to divest from war, check out the links under Resist! and Resources. Order palm cards to distribute for the 2016 tax season by contacting nwtrcc at nwtrcc dot org.