Summer Reading of Resistance

photo of person sitting on a bench near a large tree trunk, overlooking a large grassy park area with trees in the distanceRuth compiled a long list of summer reading books on war tax resistance. Some are available from NWTRCC and the others can be ordered elsewhere online. For longtime and new resisters alike, our Practical WTR series has a lot of important information that will help you figure out how to do war tax resistance in the way that’s best for you. You can download the PDF versions to your tablet or smartphone for reading on the go.

For those who plow through all the above books, or those who want some short-form summer reading, read our war tax resister profiles, “Dear IRS” letters, or back issues of More Than a Paycheck (available in PDFs).

And if podcasts are more your speed, check out our podcast series and links to outside podcasts where war tax resisters have appeared.