In Memoriam: Karen Brandow

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Ruth recently shared on the wtr-s discussion list:

Many of you have met or heard Karen Brandow over the years. She partnered with Charlie King some years back and the two of them toured and sang together for many years. They were mainstays at the School of the Americas Watch vigil weekends. Karen died on Sunday after a valiant year of living with cancer that could not be treated. Charlie posted a note on her Caring Bridge journal page –

Karen was also a fluent Spanish speaker and participated in much peace work in Latin America. She also translated some of our war tax resistance literature into Spanish and was the annual translator for the WRL pie chart. She was a war tax resister. We’ll miss her.

Karen Brandow (left) and Charlie King perform at the New England Regional Gathering of War Tax Resisters, November 2011. Photo by Ed Hedemann.

I immediately thought of the song “Don’t Pay Taxes” that Charlie King and Karen Brandow had recorded together. The full song isn’t available online, but you can read the lyrics or  listen to a clip of it here (or buy the song for 99 cents). We also have part of a performance of “Don’t Pay Taxes” by First Strike Theater in our film Death and Taxes (excerpt starts at 3:35).

I never met Karen, but I know she was part of our community of resistance, and I am sending all my best wishes to Charlie and her family and friends.

Post by Erica

P.S. See their website where you can also order the new double CD: SO FAR SO GOOD:  40 Songs for 40 Years