Resisting the Costs of War in Syria

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As of this writing, President Obama has agreed to delay a vote on Syrian military intervention while the proposed diplomatic solutions are worked through. Nevertheless, war is still on the table and we want it taken off, permanently.

hands holding up signs saying No More War Funding and War is Bankrupting U.S.

Photo by Ed Hedemann, NYC 2012

US officials are claiming that a war will be limited in time, scope, and expense. An appropriations aide told the Huffington Post that the Syrian operations would be paid from the DOD’s overseas contingency operations fund, which has been allocated $79.4 billion for fiscal year 2014.

July 2013 estimates from General Martin E. Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, put the cost of any military intervention in the billions, with potential monthly costs for an extended conflict as much as a billion or more.

We know that it is very difficult to estimate the cost of a war. But we remain resolutely opposed to war in Syria, or war anywhere, no matter how “cheap,” because the human costs in trauma, displacement, and violence are immeasurable.

Folks are talking about war tax resistance around the internet in relation to the unceasing pushes for war, of which Syria is only the latest target. In a comment on Tom Hayden’s recent article for The Nation, “The Real Reason for War with Syria,” TruePatriot78 wrote, “WAKE UP AND THINK FOR YOURSELF – don’t let the government use your hard earned money to kill innocent civilians. I’m not saying that you should stop paying taxes, but at least know that your taxes are being used  to execute innocent women and children.” See full comment.

Another example came from commenter nixonclinbushbama, following a post entitled “Syria, Disinformation and the Dying Empire” by miguelitoh2o: “Americans bought and paid for this country and they will continue paying for it until they die or stop receiving taxable income, whichever comes first. When are Americans going to stand up and act as though they own this country? Failing that, at least stop paying taxes.” See full comment.

We know that one way to stop the government from using our money to kill innocents is, indeed, to stop paying taxes. If you are inspired to remove your participation from this murderous system, if you want to build a movement of like-minded people, please read more about how to resist war taxes.

Post by Erica Weiland