Douglas and Maureen Mackenzie (2012)

| Letters

February 29, 2012

Dear IRS employee,

On this, the sixth year of our refusal to cooperate with the tax custom of the USA, we write to you to reaffirm our stance. During the blatantly corrupt, feverishly murderous administration of George W. Bush we could not, in good conscience send monetary support to the government, no matter the consequence to ourselves.

Now that Barack Obama, the great “hope” for this country has filled Bush’s shoes, and the killing has increased (with carpet bombing of Libya, military operations in Syria, Yemen, Iran, Somalia, the Philippines and Pakistan, and the continuing occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan), and none of the 1000+ US military bases have closed, and the US military remains the most destructive force on the planet, we hold our commitment to refuse to pay taxes to the federal government with determination.

May you find the happiness that is possible by living according to your own principles, as we have found. May you stop aiding in the murder of people, the oppression of human passion and the destruction of life on Earth.

Maureen Mackenzie

Doug Mackenzie