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As best as I can remember, this is a copy of the letter I sent to the IRS in lieu of a tax return in 1992. The section in italics was added more recently.

To whom it may concern,

As a conscientious objector to war, I refuse to participate in the carnage committed by the Federal Government. It was my time in the military that opened my eyes to the ways that the money is spent, and inspired me to commit to life as a conscientious objector to war.

By waiving my Fifth Amendment right, and reporting on my personal income, to bear witness against myself, I would be obligating myself to pay taxes in addition to what is taken when I spend my money (which constitutes double-jeopardy taxation and is illegal. I am aware that others have tried to invoke this Constitutional Right, only to have it ignored by the very organization to which this action denies funds, which presents a hazy, but present, conflict of interest on their behalf, which is not surprising when you factor in that the erosion of our civil liberties is but a part of the war being waged. I realize that I could be jailed, but like Thoreau, I would be a freer man in jail with my soul intact, than those who hustle about to generate the funds needed to invade other sovereign nations.)

I can’t do anything about the money taken when I spend, but as a matter of conscience I will not voluntarily pay into an organization whose daily order of business is waging war. By paying into such a thing I would be funding those activities, thereby participating.

I am an artist, I make my living in barter and trade, and I handle only enough cash to cover my essential bills. I do not aspire to own property, and with my art form I can enjoy myself just fine on poverty level income. You will not be hearing from me again.

Then I signed it, stamped it, and sent it to the processing facility where they tell you to send your 1040’s. I haven’t heard a peep since. I have been vocal about my defiance and been shushed by friends who fear for my safety, but the IRS has stayed away. I keep expecting to hear from them, but it never comes.

Perhaps it is because I have also been vocal about being prepared to take any and all of their correspondences down to the local copy shop, make copies of everything, take them home and alter the copies to place my name wherever it says IRS, Federal Reserve, U.S. Treasury, etc. and put IRS, Federal Reserve, U.S. Treasury, etc. everywhere that my name appears, and paste the words “Mutual Audit” wherever the word Audit appears. Top it off with a cover letter that explains how every nine year old on the planet knows that the rules of a challenge state that the challenger goes first.

So as soon as my accountant is finished reviewing the financial records of the Pentagon, CIA, Federal Reserve, and all of the other organizations that demand Tax Dollars, then and only then will I release my financial records to your accountant. Add to that a long list of honest media sources to send copies to, and you’ve got a national demand for “Mutual Audit”. I’ve been hopeful that they would just leave me alone, and I could just live anonymously in peace, but lately there is a new sense of urgency added to the situation when domestic civil liberties are vanishing on a wholesale level. So instead of sitting quietly in my little world, I am letting out this shout to the world by offering these letters online.

Steve Anderson
May 2004