Carol Moore

| Letters

Washington, DC

July 10, 2000

Charles O. Rosetti
Commissioner, Internal Revenue Service
Washington, DC

Mr. Rossotti,

My name is Carol L. Moore, Social Security number [number redacted].

I am present at the Internal Revenue Service building in Washington, D.C., today, to turn myself in for refusing to pay federal income taxes for war and violence, as I have refused since 1976, the 200th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.

As a pacifist and feminist I have, for 24 years refused to pay taxes to the U.S. General Fund because approximately ½ of such monies pay for past, present, and future war. Nuclear war is inevitable as long as males (and enabling females) are willing to kill for male pride and manhood, which is all it boils down to in the end.

My conscience will not allow me to pay for violence and war by the state. I would rather go to prison and subject myself to state violence than pay for war.

Take me away. I won’t pay.

Carol Moore