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Practical War Tax Resistance Series

Practical War Tax Resistance #1 • 75¢ each
Controlling Federal Tax Withholding Explains the whys, hows, and possible consequences of “W-4 Resistance” if you who have federal income tax withheld from your wages. Read the text Version or download a PDF.

Practical War Tax Resistance #2 • 75¢ each
To File Or Not To File An Income Tax Return Explores the philosophical and practical pros and cons about whether or not to file an income tax return. Read the text Version or download a PDF.

Practical War Tax Resistance #3 • 75¢ each
How To Resist Collection, Or Make the Most Of Collection When It Occurs Covers the IRS collection process, how to prepare for the possibility of collection, how to prevent collection, and how to use the opportunity of collection to witness to your convictions. Read the text Version or download a PDF.

Practical War Tax Resistance #4 • $1 each
Self-Employment — An Effective Path For War Tax Refusal Includes information on IRS regulations concerning self-employment and the possible consequences of WTR for self-employed people; also includes information on common occupational areas for the self-employed. Read the text Version or download a PDF.

Practical War Tax Resistance #5 • $1 each
Low Income/Simple Living As War Tax Resistance The whys and hows of reducing your income in order to keep money away from the military and to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Tips for filers on taking advantage of IRS deductions and credits to lower taxable income. Suggestions, resources, and stories from war tax resisters about living well on low incomes. Read the text Version or download a PDF.

Practical War Tax Resistance #6 • $1 each
Organizational War Tax Resistance, Employers, Contractors, and Financial Institutions An overview of issues and solutions for individuals and institutions. Read the text Version or download a PDF.

Practical War Tax Resistance #7 • $1 each
Health Care and Income Security for War Tax Resisters Covering the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and WTRs; money issue especially for aging resisters including social security, inheritances, trusts; and stories about living well in later years. Text version or download a PDF.

Books and Booklets

War Tax Resistance: A Guide to Withholding Your Support from the Military (Fifth Edition, March 2003, includes insert with latest updates) • $10 each. The most comprehensive guide to WTR, including philosophical and political questions, information on the federal budget, the history of WTR, personal WTR stories, methods, consequences, international WTR, WTR organizing, and more. If you already own the book, click here for the update supplement (PDF).

Persistent Voice bookA Persistent Voice: Marian Franz and Conscientious Objection to Military Taxation$5 See sale page to purchase
Edited by David R. Bassett, Steve Ratzlaff, and Tim Godshall (2009)
Writings by Marian from over 20 years' worth of inspiring and informative newsletter columns for the National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund. Book includes several essays by colleagues on the rationale for, history of, and challenges facing the movement for legislation covering conscientious objection to military taxation.

War Tax Resisters and the Internal Revenue Service • $2.50 each. An outline of IRS practice and procedure specific to war tax resistance, including legal resources. 50 pages, 8½″ × 11″ booklet

Peace and Taxes, God and Country: A Guide for Seeking Clearness on War Tax Concerns • $1.50. A resource intended for Quaker meetings, but adaptable to other groups wishing to help war tax resisters clarify their decision-making. 30 pages, 5½″ × 8½″ booklet

Handbook on Military Taxes & Conscience • $3.00. 1988 book (222 pages) covers basic WTR and Quaker/religious aspects. Edited by Linda B. Coffin for the Freinds Committee on War Tax Concerns.

War Tax Resistance at a Glance • $1.50. Concise answers to frequently asked questions about WTR. PDF online

From the A.J. Muste Memorial Institute Essay Series:

On the Duty of Civil Disobedience • $2.00 each. Henry David Thoreau’s famous 1849 essay about being jailed for refusing to pay a poll tax that supported slavery and the Mexican-American War.

Some Writings on War Tax Resistance • $2.00 each. Nice collection of short pieces — stories, poems, letters. Includes Allen Ginsberg, Pete Seeger, Juanita Nelson’s classic essay “A Matter of Freedom.”


1–25 free for distribution

What Is NWTRCC? • Free; bulk rates 25+. Describes the history, structure, and services provided by the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee, which was founded in 1982 as a clearinghouse of information about war tax resistance. The brochure text is also on the What Is NWTRCC page on this website.

Why and How to Refuse to Pay for War • 20¢ each. An introductory pamphlet on the motivations of resisters, as well as methods and the consequences of refusing to pay taxes for war, which include letters from the IRS, salary & bank account levies but rarely anything else. Free download as a PDF.

Refusing the Federal Telephone Tax • 20¢ each. Explains history of telephone war tax resistance with details on how and why we resist and redirect this federal tax. This is also available for free download as a PDF.

Creating a Nonviolent World Through War Tax Resistance • 15¢ each. Connects issues and suggests war tax resistance as one way to work toward a world without violence.

Are You Praying for Peace But Still Paying for War? A Christian Perspective • 20¢ each. Looks at war tax resistance as a Christian witness and tradition and suggests other material to read. Free download as a PDF.

Where Your Income Tax Money Really Goes • 10¢ each. War Resisters League pie chart flyer based on the federal budget. Updated annually. Click here to read or download. For quantities above 200, please order from WRL.

Why Isn’t Everyone Who’s for Peace a War Tax Resister? Answers to Common Questions • 20¢ each. Covers frequently asked questions. Designed for outreach in peace community to people who have heard of war tax resistance. This is also available for free download as a PDF (241kB).

Peace Tax Return • 25¢ each. Anyone can use the Peace Tax Return to protest war taxes each year on or before April 15. Section I is for people who may not owe taxes or are not refusing. Section II is for people who are refusing some or all of their federal income or excise taxes. Click here to read or download

Resource Packets

War Tax Alternative Fund Resource Packet • $1.00. Material on how to start and maintain an alternative fund or escrow account

Employer’s Worksheet for Developing A Policy on War Tax Resistance • $1.00. To assist employers in drafting a policy related to war tax resistance.

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