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Podcast #5: “War Tax Resisters Abroad” We hear from two war tax resisters who have recently traveled overseas to work with other war resisters and learn more about the real impacts of US warmongering. Jason Rawn has traveled to Asia twice in the past year, visiting Okinawa in Japan and Jeju Island in Korea to organize with local resisters against US military bases. We’ll cover some of the history around Okinawa and Jeju Island, and interview Jason Rawn about his experiences. Dana Visalli had planned a trip to Syria, but the Syrian government denied his visa. Instead, he spent time in Lebanon with Syrian refugees, and also learned about the history and creation of the nation we call Syria. He reads two of his essays. (show notes)

photo of Shane Claiborne

Shane Claiborne

Podcast #4: “Talking with Shane Claiborne” In 2011, Shane Claiborne, Christian author and speaker and founder of the Simple Way community, announced his war tax resistance. In this interview, learn the surprising way the IRS responded to his resistance and more about the ideals that led Shane to live on a low income and to resist and redirect war taxes.

Podcast #3: “Reflections of Experienced War Tax Resisters” features a collection of interviews of longtime resisters who share their histories of resistance and their motivations for taking this path of nonviolent direct action.

Google Hangout #2, Beyond the RallyVideo or Podcast or transcript
Presenters from NWTRCC, the Center on Conscience and War, and the National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund

Google Hangout #1, War Tax Resistance for a Better WorldVideo or Podcast or transcript
Ari, Katherine, and Shaolida discuss why and how they refuse to pay for the war machine

More WTR Videos

Activist Cindy Sheehan’s talk at the Asheville, N.C., gathering, May 2013

photo of Tony Serra

J. Tony Serra

San Francisco attorney J. Tony Serra’s talk at the war tax resistance gathering in Oakland (May 2011)

NYU Student Video with interviews of War Tax Resisters (Dec. 2009)

Laura Flanders & Ed Hedemann

NWTRCC’s Ed Hedemann on GRITtv with Laura Flanders to talk about war tax resistance and redirection. (April 2009)

Other Short Videos of War Tax Resisters as they explain why they refuse to pay for war, how they do it, dealing with fear of the IRS, and the empowerment of resisting taxes for war from 2005 plus bonus clip of Joan Baez in 1964 announcing her refusal to pay for the Vietnam War.

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