Organizations Supporting War Tax Resisters

We recently updated the text version of our Practical War Tax Resistance #6 pamphlet, Organizational War Tax Resistance, and will update the print version sometime in the future. In this pamphlet, we feature stories about businesses and nonprofits that support their employees and independent contractors in war tax resistance, and get into the details of organizational approaches to WTR. One of our affiliates, the National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund, has a webpage with war tax resistance statements from its board members David Bassett, H.A. Penner, and Richard N. Woodard. David Bassett writes, “I am willing to pay the full amount of my federal taxes, if the government would provide that my tax payments will be used only for […]

Individual Choices and Movement Building: Shall the Twain Meet?

War tax resisters do not tend toward weeping over the latest news that the IRS budget is declining, that it is short staffed and has lots more work to do thanks to the Affordable Care Act. As a resister with ten years of tax debt myself, I’m not in a big rush for them to get more active on my case. But there are days when I think that my life is too comfortable and too easy; should I be doing something to push the envelope more, to get in more trouble and bring more attention to war tax resistance? I was just talking to a longtime war tax resister (WTR) who noted that she had not been bothered much […]

Dear IRS, Dear Congress, Dear Military-Industrial Complex – Call for Submissions

Do you: Write to the IRS about war tax resistance? Send letters to your congressperson? Enclose a letter when you redirect resisted war taxes, explaining where the money comes from? Write to any other entities or people about war tax resistance near Tax Day? Want to start writing letters about war tax resistance now? I’m creating a 1-2 minute Tax Day video, containing messages from war tax resisters directed to the IRS, Congress, the president, the military-industrial complex, your family, your local newspaper, or any other entity or individual. NWTRCC has a terrific directory of letters to the IRS, but I would like to have this video feature letters we don’t already have on the website. You can submit your […]

Podcast #3: Reflections of Experienced War Tax Resisters

Long-time war tax resisters Shirley Whiteside, Juanita Nelson, Randy Kehler, Betty Winkler, and Beth Seberger share their histories of resistance and their motivations in this collection of interviews. Listen to Reflections of Experienced War Tax Resisters. Subscribe to the podcast feed by adding to your RSS reader. We are also now on iTunes as War Tax Talk. Send suggestions for podcast/Google Hangout topics or promotion ideas to wartaxresister at nwtrcc dot org. Listen to other audio interviews with war tax resisters.

Holiday Notes

We’ll take a blog break next week and come back with a post on January 7. In the meantime, I wanted to draw your attention toward some war resistance and war tax resistance thoughts: This Christmas marks the 100th anniversary of the Christmas Truce of World War I. Learn more about the Christmas Truce. Hanukkah comes to an end this evening. If you haven’t read it already, check out Larry Rosenwald’s thoughts on Judaism, social justice, and war tax resistance. Are you thinking of starting war tax resistance in 2015, or changing how you do war tax resistance? Now is the time to make your choices. Check out this blog post from last year with some practical thoughts and links, […]

Will I Get Audited?

In meeting with a new war tax resister recently, his first questions were about what will happen when he refuses to pay. “I expect an agent will come to my door, and I’ll be audited,” he said. There was a time some decades ago when many war tax resisters (WTRs) were audited, but that is no longer the case. Back in those days the IRS tended toward “field audits,” which did involve meeting in person with an IRS auditor. These days if the IRS audits, the vast majority are “correspondence audits,” meaning they are carried out by mail. The Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) at Syracuse University keeps data on IRS enforcement, which shows this trend. Tax experts note the […]

On Strategy and the Reduction of the Military Budget

One brief discussion I had at our November conference was about what we ought to do to reduce or eliminate military spending. One person argued that we should set some sort of goal for what we wanted military spending to be reduced to, as a starting point for discussion. For example, campaigning to reduce military spending to $400 billion, or some percentage of the federal budget. I recognize the utility of this move, especially for talking to people who are not even all the way there yet with us on opposing war. Getting people to agree that the military budget is too large is one possible first step. Even the WRL pie chart is aimed at getting people to come […]

David Zarembka on US Militarization of East Africa

Listen to an audio recording (opens a new tab) of a workshop presented by David Zarembka, Coordinator of the African Great Lakes Initiative of the Friends Peace Teams in East Africa. David spoke at the war tax resistance gathering at Earlham College School of Religion, November 8, 2014. While you are listening to his talk, these links may be helpful in locating some of the areas David refers to. Where David and Gladys live in Africa Map of Africa; click on countries to enlarge the region The Kakuma Refugee Camp with map We’ll post more recordings of our November conference workshops as they are finalized!

Giving Tuesday, Online Media, and Ferguson

A few miscellaneous items as we head into Thanksgiving weekend: 1. NWTRCC is participating in Giving Tuesday, which is next Tuesday, December 2. On that day, we’re asking supporters of war tax resistance to give $10.40 or more for NWTRCC’s work. 2. If you missed our conference in Richmond at the beginning of this month, you can still enjoy parts of it online. The first piece to go up is my talk on my journey to war tax resistance at the Peace Forum on November 6. We’ll be releasing more recordings as they become available. 3. This is turning into a bit of a self-promotional post, but given the continued prominence of Ferguson in the news, I wanted to highlight […]

The Road to Social Change: Theory to Practice

“War Tax Objection for Peace and Justice Conference” was held over the weekend of November 7-9, at the Earlham School of Religion in Richmond, Indiana. NWTRCC sponsors twice-yearly gatherings (May and November) with local hosts to convene the National War Tax Resistance “Coordinating Committee” for a business meeting, but over the years the weekends have developed into mini-conferences also. The content is often defined by the local hosts, and this one included presentations from Earlham faculty members. The two Friday presentations, one by our host, Lonnie Valentine, who is on the faculty at the School of Religion, and the other by Joanna Swanger, who is Director of Earlham’s Peace and Global Studies Program, were concerned about how social change happens […]

It Is Our Duty to Withhold Our Cooperation

The following is the text of the speech given by Clare Hanrahan of the Taxes for Life! group in Asheville, NC, at the Day Without a Pentagon action in Washington, DC on October 19, 1998. Reprinted from the December 1998 More Than a Paycheck newsletter. Greetings from the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee and the Appalachian bioregion, my homeplace, in Asheville, North Carolina. It’s an honor to be here. As I speak, I am mindful of my older brothers, Daniel and Thomas, whose lives as teen-age soldiers in Viet Nam were utterly changed. Their youthful idealism was distorted by the military into the service of death. They returned, wounded in body and spirit, with Agent Orange toxins coursing through […]

In Memoriam: Karen Brandow

Ruth recently shared on the wtr-s discussion list: Many of you have met or heard Karen Brandow over the years. She partnered with Charlie King some years back and the two of them toured and sang together for many years. They were mainstays at the School of the Americas Watch vigil weekends. Karen died on Sunday after a valiant year of living with cancer that could not be treated. Charlie posted a note on her Caring Bridge journal page – Karen was also a fluent Spanish speaker and participated in much peace work in Latin America. She also translated some of our war tax resistance literature into Spanish and was the annual translator for the WRL pie chart. She […]