National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee

Conscientious objection to war-tax payment….the gentlest way of political revolution in America.

Allen Ginsberg

Resist & Redirect War Taxes

NWTRCC logoThe National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee supports individuals who refuse to pay for war, and promotes war tax resistance in the context of a broad range of nonviolent strategies for social change.

Through the redirection of our tax dollars, war tax resisters contribute directly to the struggle for peace and justice for all.

NWTRCC is a coalition of local, regional, and national groups and individuals from across the United States.

For everyone interested in or actively refusing to pay taxes for war, NWTRCC offers information, referral, support, resources, publicity, campaign sponsorship, and connection to an international network of conscientious objectors to war taxes.

If you are new to this form of resistance, you will find lots of information about
on this website or by calling our HOTLINE or
contacting one of our counselors.

WTR Hotline