War Tax Resistance Speakers Bureau – Robert Randall

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Robert, arms linked with other protesters, holding a cross

Robert (facing camera) protests at the School of the Americas Watch action in Fort Benning, Georgia.

Robert Randall became a Christian pacifist in the late 1960s while still in high school. “In those days,” he says, “a young person approaching the age of 18 simply had to think about whether or not to kill.” In the 1970s, Robert worked for the United Methodist Church, doing conference-level youth and young adult ministry in Georgia and Florida. He also spent a year in theological study at Candler School of Theology at Emory University.

Robert’s Christian faith includes, and brought him to, his 39 years of experience in the peace movement. He has been a Christian pacifist, conscientious objector, and war tax converter all his adult life. In 1984 his and his wife Linda’s home was seized and sold for nonpayment of war taxes. He has been with the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee since its inception and is a trained war tax counselor. He facilitates an e-mail discussion group for war tax resisters and friends.

Robert lives and works in Brunswick, Ga. The most accessible areas for him to get to for a speaking engagement would be in Georgia, Florida, or South Carolina.

Among the topics Robert is most interested in covering in a presentation are:

  • “My Christian Journey as a War Tax Converter”
  • “What Would Jesus Do… About Paying For War?”
  • “Pacifism: The Way To Peace”
  • “Beyond Nationalism: A Higher Calling For Higher Results”
  • “War Tax Redirection for Personal and Social Betterment”
  • “Strategic Thinking About the Role of War Tax Conversion in Peace Making”
  • “The Christian Imperative for War Tax Conversion”
  • “Thinking Through the Issue of Paying for War” (based on Clark Hanjian’s booklet)
  • a how-to session (only for those already committed to WTR)
  • counselor training for those interested in becoming war tax resistance counselors

Contact info for Robert:
Telephone: (912) 342-5984 (home) or (912) 399-4862 (cell)
Email: rrandall@compuserve.com
Or write to him at 275 Andy Tostensen Road, Brunswick, GA 31523-6204