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Climate Change Image by MasterTux from Pixabay

“Individual Resistance & Collective Power”

War Tax Resistance Gathering and Coordinating Committee Meeting

, Online Gathering

(Because of COVID-19, this event will be a shortened online conference.)

Join us this fall for a mini-conference on Friday & Saturday (and our business meeting on Sunday). The focus of the weekend will be the role our individual resistance can have in creating collective power for positive change. Our program features a panel with members of Extinction RebellionUK and the Spanish war tax resistance group Grup Antimilitarista Tortuga. We will also receive a legal update on about war tax resistance from longtime NWTRCC legal consultant Peter Goldberger. Check the Program Schedule for more details.

In order to participate in the event, you will need a computer with a camera. You could also use a smartphone, but a computer is preferable. You need to register before the event in order to be sent connection info for the conference. Please register ASAP!

Schedule and program

You are welcome to attend one session, all, or parts of the weekend.

Contacts for the Gathering: Lincoln Rice 262-399-8217

Costs: There is no registration fee for the conference. (When we do have a registration fee for conferences, it is to cover the cost of housing & meals.) But you can always feel free to make a donation to NWTRCC. It really helps us continue our mission.

or make a check donation payable to NWTRCC and send to: NWTRCC, PO Box 5616, Milwaukee, WI 53205.

Please register ASAP!

NWTRCC Gathering Registration