Matthew Hoh – From the Military to WTR: Podcast #6

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This is episode 6 of the War Tax Talk podcast. Today, we hear former State Department official and Marine Corps officer Matthew Hoh’s speech to the May 2017 NWTRCC gathering in St. Louis, MO.

Matt talks how he got into the military, how he eventually left the State Department when he no longer believed in the Afghanistan war policy, his journey to war tax resistance, and what he learned along the way. Matt is an advisory board member of Veterans for Peace and has been a war tax resister for the past three years.

He came out publicly as a war tax resister in an article called “I Will No Longer Pay Taxes for War”, after years of speaking out against US foreign policy.

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Matthew Hoh answers questions after his talk at the St. Louis Gathering. Photo by Ruth Benn.

Matthew Hoh answers questions after his talk. Photo by Ruth Benn.

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