Podcast #5: War Tax Resisters Abroad

war-tax-talk-podcast-logoIn Episode Number 5, we hear from two war tax resisters who have recently traveled overseas to work with other war resisters and learn more about the real impacts of US warmongering. Jason Rawn has traveled to Asia twice in the past year, visiting Okinawa in Japan and Jeju Island in Korea to organize with local resisters against US military bases. We’ll cover some of the history around Okinawa and Jeju Island, and interview Jason Rawn about his experiences. Dana Visalli had planned a trip to Syria, but the Syrian government denied his visa. Instead, he spent time in Lebanon with Syrian refugees, and also learned about the history and creation of the nation we call Syria. He reads two of his essays.

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Posts by Jason Rawn during his travels:

The US is militarizing the Pacific-and not taking questions

Civilian deaths, Iraq, Syria, ISIS, and drones

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