National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee

NWTRCC Gathering
Colorado Springs
November 2–4, 2012

We started the Gathering with bannering on a busy street corner in Colorado Springs. Everyone was surprised with the positive response from drivers — many honking and showing thumbs up. Only one negative response that any of us noticed. Let’s end war — we’re the majority! Photos by Donna Johnson and Ruth Benn.

bannering in colorado springs Banner in Colorado Springs
Ruth, Robert and Daniel Kima and Andy
out now banner war is not healthy
Elizabeth in background, Bill and Tim Vicki and Gary
nonviolence works banner bill ponders bannering
Peter and Ken; in back, Peter S.
and Titus
Bill ponders how we look; Mary considers the style of Esther and Elizabeth
Carlos speaking Mary singing
Carlos donned his prison camp gear
to tell his story of getting into tax
trouble. He was in prison camp for 17
months and released in Dec. 2011.
You can read his story in our newsletter.
Mary Sprunger-Froese keeps things lively.
60 percent is not enough
Uncle Sham, aka Loring Wirbel, exclaims that 59% is not enough for the military in First Strike Theatre’s “Price of Freedom Game Show” skit. Elizabeth, Byron, and Shirley hold up the federal budget banner.
the skit donna and virginia
Watch the skit on YouTube. Virginia (right) kept the food service going and we are very grateful to Bill for wrangling her into coming. Donna helped too!
The group at the end of gathering
Here are the survivors after the meetings were over. We forgot (as usual)
to take a picture with the whole gang in attendance. Colorado College
is a great place to meet. Thanks everyone!


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