National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee

30 years logoNWTRCC's 30th Anniversary Celebration

November 3, 2012 • Colorado Springs, CO

As part of an introductory round at one of our Saturday sessions, people were asked what birthday wishes they would give to NWTRCC.

group in circle COS

Here are some of the replies:

• to talk about WTR more with whoever I come in contact with

• to emphasize more that it's not just about war tax resistance but also about what we do with the $$ and giving it away

• Glad that nwtrcc continues

• gifts a 911 conspiracy DVD

• as a newbie, to be inspired

• wish for the day we can close our doors because money is not going to war.

• wishes that we could buy peace and love socks for everyone in the military

• a piñata filled with little bottles of courage and we use those to give to others who need courage – "you take this"

• to have enough strength and determination to carry on with what we are doing

• my gift will be listening

• in a presidential debate in the future I wish that we'd hear them saying why they are not putting money into the military

• wish that no one would be in prison on tax issues

• a new generation to carry on this resistance; would want to take this to his peers

• believes in bannering, keeping conscripted out of war – wish to keep the $$ out of the war system

• my first meeting; it's educational and inspiring; and to learn about this

• $20,000 - $30, 000 – being better connected to other movements, like peace tax fund; we need more cases to challenging the government

• somehow have an awakening of all the prolife people that if you are really prolife you can't pay for war

• to encapsulize our message into bite size nuggets that are understandable to the masses – Go, Stop the War, don't Pay

• sobriety from paying for war; just had my own birthday and upcoming 20th year of his WTR; gift to himself is to be here, chose the company of others and to reconnect and see why I do what I do. Live that question. What comes in this weekend, and what he can take back home.

• lots of good things said and perseverance, hope it rubs off on other people

• first time withheld taxes in the 80s, teaching at catholic HS in Wisconsin; the school garnished her salary, didn't know for the longest time that NWTRCC existed. Gift would be greater use of the media.

• proud to be in such company; thinking of all the letters written to Santa – will use a different strategy this year

30th Anniversary Party Program
Saturday Evening, November 3

You can watch or listen to most of the program on YouTube, thanks to Loring Wirbel.

Introduction – Creating an "arc" of war tax resistance with our bodies. We started the arc with the person who started resisting the earliest, in this case Joffre Stewart of Chicago who began in the 1940s. The arc continued through the decades to people who were just learning about war tax resistance at this gathering. We did not have anyone who started in the 1950s, but all other decades were covered.

40s60s resisters started in 70s 90s resisters

bill durlandRuth Benn, NWTRCC Coordinator, gave an overview of NWTCC today.

Bill Durland spoke about the founding of NWTRCC in 1982 when he was involved with the Center on Law and Pacifism in Colorado Springs. With War Resisters League, Conscience and Military Tax Campaign, and Peacemakers a conference was called that formed the new network.



robert randaPresentation to the person who has attended the most NWTRCC meetings over the years, Robert Randall of Brunswick, GA:

Before presenting Robert with a certificate, Daniel Woodham led a chorus singing the following song (to the tune of "Froggie Went a Courtin'"):

chorus singing rockin robert

"Rockin' Robert's Resistance Rant"

Robert went resistin' and he didn't pay, uh huh (3x)
He said "There just ain't no way."

The IRS said "You must pay!" Ah ha
To us part of your working day

Without my Lord and savior's consent, uh huh
I wouldn't pay the president

Your arguments are frivolous, Ah ha
We will come and grab your assssettts.

My buddies down at the "New Track" uh huh
They all got my back

So Robert stood firm on this ground, uh huh
They ruffled his feathers but couldn't get him down

Then Robert went on to organize, uh huh
To show how not to militarize, uh huh

And so goes the resistance, uh huh
We'll keep resisting our war taxes. uh huh

Peter Smith read a poem by Rick Amante from NWTRCC's newsletter, "Network News," April 1988:

A Brief, Written Report
After a NWTRCC meeting in Boston

In Cambridge, Portland, Orono, Shanghai —
Anywhere that love makes sense —
People sit in groups
and apart
disobedient as the wind.
Is the earth's grand signature,
The force governments
Choose to ignore.
So we feed the beast nothing
but give more to each other;
resist the news deaths
taxes explore.
And in the circle of chairs
and light
by the candle
faith moves stone.

Greeting from the National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund read by Titus Peachey.

Price of Freedom SkitPrice of Freedom Game Show skit by First Strike Theatre of Colorado Springs

Definitely the highlight of the evening. Thanks to Mary Lynn Sheetz, Donna Johnson, Loring Wirbel, Mary Sprunger-Froese, and Buck Buchanan, and the banner holders Shirley Whiteside, Byron Plumley, and Elizabeth Boardman. Watch it on YouTube.


Happy Birthday, NWTRCC!

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